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5 significant tips for your hotel to be more active on social media

In addition to helping users communicate with each other, social media brings digital marketing activities of companies into a whole new dimension, therefore becoming one of the most essential marketing channels of our era.

Studies show that there are over 2.5 billion Internet users across the world. 1.8 billion of these maintain an account on at least one social media network. Using social media when promoting your hotel and property stands out as the most effective method, considering this data.

What can you do for your property to be distinguished and stand out as part of social media promotion of your hotel? As HotelRunner, we have compiled 6 different tips that will help you stand out on social media.

1. Building connection between social media networks

Being active on all social media networks and building connection between these different networks can make it easier to be more active in the digital realm. You may invite those recommending your hotel on TripAdvisor or Yelp to your Facebook page and share their comments on Twitter.

You can create impressive content for your Facebook page or Twitter by combining your hotel’s photos posted by your guests on Instagram. Also, you may share the content on your hotel’s blog with your circles on Google Plus.

2. Taking the advantage of video content

In an environment where 9 of every 10 Internet users watch videos, you may take the advantage of video content for an effective marketing strategy. By sharing your videos on such Internet sites as YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Vimeo you can draw the attention of your target audience.  You had better make sure to include your website link in the content you share. This way, you may direct visitors to your hotel’s Internet site.

3. Being creative and entertaining

Originality is one of the key musts for effective social media marketing. Therefore, it is important to feature quality and unique content on social networks and your website.

At this point, you must be attentive about every single detail from the font to page design and being user-friendly.

4. Attention to comments

It is critical to follow the comments on the posts you share on social media. You must respond to the negative comments about your hotel in a positive, calm and easy-going manner. You should also make sure that your answers are clear, to the point and satisfactory.

5. Receiving professional consulting services

In our era, social media has become an independent marketing channel. Properties receive professional consulting services for the management of their social media accounts, which is the general trend in the industry. You can strengthen your presence in the digital realm by receiving professional support for social media marketing.

HotelRunner boasts all features you need to move your property to the Internet and increase your sales by benefiting from the ever-growing influence of social media. Well, if you also want to earn, you may create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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