A checklist for the pre-winter season

The summer season has come to an end, even for properties located where the sun seems to never set. Properties of glamour during summer are now becoming empty, with guests turning back home accompanied by their memorabilia. Would it not be just about time to have a rest after a busy summer? Well, not really. Indeed, there is always a lot to do in other seasons when it comes to the accommodation industry. Besides, it is easier to be done with the related tasks during seasons when there are not too many guests. Therefore, you will be facing yet another busy time with the ending of the summer season.

We are sure you have already made an action plan. Still, we would like to introduce a checklist to you containing things you should consider for post-summer season. This checklist will both remind you the things you should do and provide you with new ideas related to possible errands to run.

An evaluation of the previous season

To what extent have you achieved the goals you set before the season? Are there departments that proved more accomplished than you expected and those that could not make it? What can be done to increase their performance? What does your profitability table tell you? All these questions are just a few of the issues to be addressed during the post-summer season for summer-oriented hotels.

Ask your team about their opinions

However, you cannot answer all these questions by yourself. Therefore, seek the advice of the senior and new members of your team and ask them to evaluate the preceding season in the light of their experiences. You cannot even imagine how valuable their feedbacks will turn out to be.

Update your customer relationship management (CRM) database

Part of the preceding season’s guests comprised of those who preferred your hotel again, while some had a vacation at your hotel for the first time. Do not forget to update the information related to your former guests, while entering information about your new customers on your customer relationship management (CRM) database.

Make sure your summer guests remember you

It would be a good idea to thank guests who have spent part of the summer season with you. You may not possibly send physical gifts to all. Thus, e-mails would be enough to show your gratitude. However, you can still send handwritten letters to those you choose or you can offer them gifts that will remind you. Sending gift vouchers they can use for their future visits would also be a good idea.

Be part of the post-holiday rush on social media

The guests who are now at home with their unforgettable memorabilia have already started to share them on social media. Therefore, you should closely follow social media and be responsive to the posts about your property. Additionally, you might also think of organizing a contest to reward those who share the best photos taken in your property. In the meantime, do not overlook the comments about you on review sites and do respond to those that need answers.

Get prepared for New Year’s Eve

The summer has drawn to a close; yet the Christmas season is approaching. You need to get prepared now if you would like to ensure guests planning to celebrate the New Year’s with you to book in advance.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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