Latest Global Travel Technology News (July 2023)

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Navigating economic downturns: The power of travel tech

In this opinion-edge HotelRunner Founder and Managing Partner Arden Agopyan shared critical insights on the correlation between economic growth and the travel industry, trends and challenges in the travel tech industry, and travel tech’s role in the global economy.

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HotelRunner crowned’s Best Overall Performing Partner

HotelRunner, the leading travel and hospitality technologies platform, announces the prestigious achievement as one of the esteemed winners of the 2023 Connectivity Partner Achievement Awards. Outshining competitors, HotelRunner proudly received the coveted title and claimed its place at the top.

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Google wins over generative AI for trip planning: Survey

According to a recent survey from Morning Consult, travelers prefer using search engines over generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, when it comes to planning trips.

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How travel brands are finding a voice on Tiktok

Travel brands have been encouraged to try TikTok in recent years as a means to engage with younger generations and get a feel for what resonates with them. But as with every medium, TikTok is evolving.

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Destination marketers head to Threads as Twitter alternative

Destination marketing organizations are gaining followers fast. Now, they have to figure out what actual value Threads can bring to their marketing.

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Fake reviews: Can we trust what we read online as use of AI explodes?

Artificial intelligence produces plausible verdicts on hotels, restaurants and tech in an instant.

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Europe’s scorching heat could send tourists to cooler destinations

Sweltering summers in Europe are increasingly becoming a major problem for the travel industry. Not only could they lead to travelers changing their vacation habits, but they could also drive some travelers to cancel trips — which would be a tremendous blow for an industry still trying to recover from the pandemic.

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