10 photos that every hotel guest would definitely like to see

The website of your hotel is the primary marketing tool for your property. You can put all kinds of marketing plans into practice via your website which is totally under your control. Additionally, you can continue on your website all other efforts to maximize your sales without any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to what you would like to display there.

Photo galleries are one of the most important sections on a website of a hotel. Your potential customers first check the photos on your website to have an idea about what they could experience in your property.

What are the photos that guests wonder about the most? You can find the answer to this question below. Here are 10 photos that are necessary not only for your website, but also for your social media channels and printed marketing tools.

1- Rooms

For sure, guests first would like to see the photos of the rooms they will stay at.

2- Restaurant

Your guests will be wishing to know how your restaurant looks like before their arrival.

3- Outdoors

The outdoor view of your property is also important. However, note that too many photos of the exterior might create a negative impression unless it has an impressive view.

4- Lobby

The first impression matters the most. Even though guests do not spend much time at the lobby, they will be hoping to see that part before they arrive.

5- Location

It would be better if you provide a map showing the nearby natural heritage and attractions within the vicinity of your property, as well as its location.

6- Working areas

Your guests would also like to see the working environment in your property during their stay. This is especially critical for those who are travelling for business purposes.

7- Swimming pool

You need to provide photos of the swimming pool, whether small or large, in your property if there is one.

8- Facilities for comfort

Special areas such as the massage salon and game hall used for comfort and fun are also among the facilities that the guests wonder about your property.

9- Activities

Only through the photos could you boast the activities organized at your property in the best way possible.

10- Bar

It will be useful for you to include photos of your bar or lounge where all your guests including both vacationers and business travelers can enjoy and have a good time in the evening.

Photo galleries are significant among other numerous features provided by HotelRunner for you as we already know that they have a great impact on guests when they decide which hotel to book. Create your HotelRunner account now without wasting your time to promote with photos as well as other specific offers your property in the best way and increase your sales by accepting direct online bookings.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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