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10 sites where you can find quality and free images to increase your online sales

Your website is an important tool that help online travel agencies (OTA) communicate with their guests and potential guests. You can also carry out low-cost online management with through your agency’s Internet site and blog, if any, and boost your services’ visibility in search results.  Your communication with your readers can also support you to build customer loyalty.

You should first create up-to-date and effective content to benefit from these advantages offered by your website and blog. Research shows that content with quality images are generally read and shared more. However, it might not always be easy to use original and quality images all the time.  Purchasing licensed images may bring extra costs for your agency. Fortunately, there are various websites with free-of-charge images that will eliminate potential copyright problems you can encounter.

As HotelRunner we have compiled the sites you can find images for your online agency’s blog.

1.Dreamstime: Updated regularly, Dreamstime can be your first destination to find suitable images for your contents for free.

2. Free Digital Photos :    You can search different sizes of images depending on your contents on this site where you can choose between categories such as business world, personal and education.

3. Free Images: Boasting more than 350 thousand photos, this site will not take too much of your time to find the image which you are looking for.

4. Free Range Stock: The only thing you should do to make use of the high-quality and -definition images on this site is just to create your free account without losing any time.

5. Pikwizard : Stunning library of over 1 million stock images and videos. Royalty free and safe for commercial use, with no attribution required.

6. ImageFree: Offering paid and free images download options for member users, this site can give you results in a short time when you use keywords and search tools.

7. Morguefile: You should fill a short membership form to benefit from this site where you can download works by various photographers for free.

8.Pixabay: You might need to make some modifications on the images to use the photos on this site offering unlicensed images.  Be careful about sponsored links.

9. Public Domain Pictures: By becoming a member, you can download high-definition images on this site where you can access photos by amateur photographers for free.

10. Stockvault: You can benefit from this site for free where photographers, designers and students share their images.  Moreover, you do not need to become a member to download images.

Having the potential to serve as a 24/7 available communication platform for your online agency, blogs are also among the most effective channels for content marketing.  Companies enhancing their efforts with quality content may enjoy a significant competitive edge in the digital world.

You can also make use of these sites we have shared and make your blog a more interesting platform for your followers. HotelRunner provides your agency with professional solutions to manage all your digital sales and marketing channels easily. Create your free-of-charge account now and start taking the advantage of privileges of HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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