2013 summer season tips for hotel managers

We are officially into the summer season now. Preparations, particularly for summer hotels, have been completed to a great extent, with everyone entering into a very demanding working schedule. Therefore, it is among hotel managers’ top priorities to ensure that daily operations continue smoothly and as planned.

This kind of increase in daily hassle, however, may cause some matters to be easily neglected. As a result, we, as HotelRunner, compiled a set of important matters that you should not overlook during 2013 summer amidst the seasonal hassle.

Here is the list of tips that you should not overlook while offering an unforgettable holiday experience to your guests residing in your hotel during hot summer days, including those that you should consider for the sake of yourself and your business…

Stand by your staff

Managerial duty is not limited to developing strategies in your room or appearing only in times of crisis. Leave your room a few times in month, at surprising times, to visit and converse with your staff. Do not forget the night shift staff, too, and personally thank the hard-working team while they are on duty, to motivate them.

Listen to departments

Each department operates within their own description of function, and will most of the time only do what they are told to. If you, however, lend your ears to them, you will realize that they can offer very interesting and useful ideas as well. Ask people from different departments to share their ideas on matters not limited to their own area, evaluate these ideas by yourself and take steps to implement good, executable ideas.

Do not fail to notice the competitors

You do not want to be uninformed about what your competitors is up to since you are too much focused on your own daily operations. You may, for example, assign an intern to examine competitors’ online activities and websites.

Arrange photo shooting

Summer months, particularly the late summer period, are very impressive in terms of weather conditions and vibrant natural colors. Arrange a photo shooting at an appropriate time, so that you will get many outdoor shoots while the facility is crowded and the daylight is in ideal intensity.

Throw a summer party

Every one loves parties, especially those on holiday. While throwing a special party for this summer, ask the chief to prepare a special and distinct menu. In this way, the chief will be able to implement his/her ideas for this special day and you will get the chance to directly see the results. In addition, the menus that the chief do not prepare often may be reminded and this would make a very nice surprise for guests.

Initiate 2014 preparations

Plans for the next peak season are usually laid out in calmer times, but this is not a rule one has to follow. Also, it will be useful to note down your peak season experiences in the heat of the moment, while you are actively involved in the season. Immediately take notes and draw up plans relating to the issues which you do not want to neglect for the next term or which you think need improvements.

Do not forget the Internet

It is always possible to improve anything, anytime. Even if you are content with the online presence of your hotel, there will always be steps that should be taken to improve things. On the other hand, you do not need to concern yourself with this too much; please call +90 850 321 99 11 or contact us via contact form to learn how HotelRunner can help you with these matters.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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