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2015 online booking trends for online travel agencies

As the tourism industry is preparing for the spring-summer season, 2015 summer season is also expected to have some hustle and bustle like in the previous seasons. Hotels are opening new properties with their teams who professionalize more each day, while businesses improve their quality. Therefore, it appears that 2015 will be a productive year especially for online travel agencies.

Customers have already started collecting information about the destinations for online booking, which raised the goals of online travel agencies for 2015. Aiming to progress several steps ahead of their competitors in the industry, all the OTAs have now focused on researching the online booking trends for 2015. As HotelRunner, we have compiled the 2015 booking trends for OTAs.

Everyone is mobile-compatible this year

Almost everyone carries the online booking option in their pockets now. That’s why being mobile-compatible matters more than anything for OTAs in 2015. So, you may also prefer working with a professional platform like HotelRunner in order to have a mobile-compatible website when renewing or designing your website.

HotelRunner doesn’t only publish a website for you, it also provides you with free-of-charge internal mobile booking features. When your guests are able to access your website through a smartphone, the design features transform into a theme designed for mobile. This way, visitors can navigate through your website and book easily.

Focusing on your blog

Many OTAs believe that focusing only on content for a website is sufficient enough for visitors. However, a blog page equipped with attractive articles along with a home page enabling online bookings can provide insights for travelers who have not discovered all the leads they need or haven’t made up their mind on their destination for a vacation. This increases both the number of visitors and bookings. You can also utilize quality content, create a blog for your website and expand your target audience.

The importance of customer experiences

Customer experiences should be shared not only on social media, but also on OTA’s website, which is crucial for leading site visitors to make a booking. This enables travelers to give points both to the tour packages and the hotels they stayed in, while sharing their opinions with other visitors. In addition, the negative reviews may offer an insight for OTA’s efforts and help them build the right strategies for achieving customer satisfaction.

You can also grow your OTA’s goals by tapping into the 2015 online booking trends. If you don’t feel that your website is capable of dealing with all these methods benefiting you to increase your bookings, HotelRunner can bring a brand new look for your online travel agency. If you want to meet HotelRunner which offers attractive options and solutions with practical and elegant designs for your visitors, then create your free-of-charge demo account


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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