3 factors that guests consider in their purchasing decisions

The growth of online booking systems benefits both property owners and potential guests. Property owners have the opportunity to access potential guests from all over the world by using cost-effective digital marketing techniques, while users enjoy the opportunity to prefer hotels according to their needs without bothering to take on-site visits.

What are the factors that influence the travel decisions of guests? The answer to this question might help you provide solutions to the aspects sought out by your guests more easily.

Within this context, the first determining factor is why they travel. The expectations of those traveling for business purposes and vacationers will naturally be differ from each other when they consider where to stay at. Additionally, we can include 3 basic criteria that determine the value of a hotel in eye of a guest. Let’s check these criteria together.


The location of a property is the first feature sought by users who wish to travel. As a property owner, you might also focus on and highlight this aspect of your property. Generally, those traveling for business purposes prefer the city center, while those traveling for vacation tend to prefer tourist attractions located on the outskirts of the city.

Services offered

Services such as a restaurant, bar, wireless Internet, swimming pool and breakfast are the second determining factors for your potential guests. Such services you can feature in your property can actually become something that will distinguish you from other properties operating in the same region as you. The importance of focusing on this aspect becomes clearer in light of the fact that negative comments on the Internet are mostly related to the service quality.

Features of the room or suite

The last step of decision-making process for your potential guests has to do with the features of the rooms or suites they are going to stay at. Your potential guests can become more likely to book rooms from your hotel, depending on the quality and number of your rooms.

The existing conditions in your business will help you decide which one of the 3 above-mentioned features you need to focus in marketing your property. If your property is small-scale, the diversity of your services or the number of your rooms might be limited. If the location of your property has a specific feature, however, you can make a distinction by concentrating your marketing efforts on customers looking for a that specific location.

Although the features we have mentioned above are listed according to their priority, it is actually your guests who will determine which one is more important. You might need to communicate with them to find out which feature they will prefer. Having a website is the most practical, cost effective and quickest way to achieve this. You can also convert your property to online and start to achieve sales by communicating directly with your guests through the user friendly infrastructure, smart themes, online reservation and many other peerless features offered by HotelRunner for you. Just create your HotelRunner account within minutes to do this.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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