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3 significant points to consider when choosing images for your hotel’s website

Studies show that human brain is more affected by visual data as compared to other types of content. This also explains why the number of those watching films based on a book is higher than the number of readers of that book. Another example might be the video clips shot for songs only with audio content to benefit from the impact of visuality. Similarly, the promotions are created with posters and photos for this purpose.

The case is also the same for marketing activities. Sharing visual content matters a lot for the tourism industry in particular. In addition to photos, the number of video-based promotion increases since your guests want to know the physical conditions and which services are offered in a hotel, during their holiday planning process. Hotels now enhance their promotional content not only with photos, but also with videos as well.

It is a generally accepted fact that visual contents have impact especially on social media and e-mail marketing. Additionally, featuring hotel promotion photos and videos on the website as many as those you post on the social media will increase user attention to the website. What should you consider when choosing images to be used on your website? Here are the tips on image selection, courtesy of HotelRunner.

1. Being attentive about the image quality

Seeing is a convincing act for the authenticity of a situation people are looking into. Therefore, you had better present quality images for your potential guests to convince them about your hotel’s service quality. Introducing your hotel with darkened, blurred or low quality images might cause users to be suspicious about its quality. This might also become an obstacle against reflecting your business’ architecture and location in a proper way. The same goes for the visual quality of your videos. Therefore, you should even publish properly-developed images for the sake of your brand reputation.

2. More images mean more bookings

The more images on your website, the more views it will receive. The viewing rate is considered to be one of the crucial data to measure success of sites on digital platforms. The images you post can also increase the number of views for your site.

A study conducted by TripAdvisor indicates that 53 percent of users avoid booking from properties that do not have images. Hotels with at least one image receive 138 percent more engagement compared to properties with no images. This rate reaches up to 151 percent for hotels with 100 and more photos. This rate equals to 203 percent for properties with 1000 and more photos.

3. Taking the advantage of images belonging to your guests

The photos and videos posted by the guests staying in your hotel can also be a significant source for your website. You may take the advantage of such content through your social media accounts or e-mail lists, whichever you would like to. Images of real holiday experiences might be considered as more convincing and reliable data. Featuring such images on your website might help you encourage your potential guests to staying in your hotel.

You may also utilize our tips and make your hotel’s website more interesting. Just like everything you need for your hotel to survive in the digital realm, you can benefit from HotelRunner’s support to enhance your website with images, impactful backgrounds and templates. Create your free-of-charge account now and see the advantages offered by HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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