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3 tips to attract more foreign guests for your website

In the era of technology with an ever-increasing engagement, it becomes easier for hotels to operate globally. Moreover, the number of digital marketing channels are increasing and active Internet use is facilitated in the accommodation industry, which makes accessing potential guests from different countries for hotels easier than ever.

In the digital era, you can reach your potential customers more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before. As HotelRunner, we narrowed down some tips for you to attract and accommodate overseas visitors.

1. Taking the advantage of travel blogs

Visitors now prefer checking the travel blogs and taking the reviews into account when they visit a different country they’ve never been before or stay at a hotel they’ve never stayed at before. The properties mentioned on these blogs can reach new potential customers thanks to the content shared on the blogs.

At this point, if you want travel bloggers to mention your property, the best thing you should do is to invite them to your premises for them to witness what you offer at first hand. After their stay, you may ask them to mention your property on their blog and thus promote your property through someone who had that experience.

2. Remember the OTAs

OTAs are one of the most significant marketing tools in the international accommodation industry of our era. These online platforms help visitors find the hotels in the destinations they plan to visit easily and rapidly. Share your hotel’s detailed information and high-quality photos on OTAs and draw the attention of more visitors.

You may also take the advantage of meta search sites collecting a wide range of search results and showing the most suitable ones for visitors. If you claim your positions on these sites, which help your visitors access the best alternatives in the most rapid way, you will increase your recognition, while attracting guests from overseas countries.

3. Update your hotel’s website

Upon leaving home for a short while and visiting your hotel, visitors might want to obtain detailed information about your hotel. Therefore, you can make a difference for your guests with a website where your services are described in detail with high-quality photos of both interior and exterior sections. You can even include the reviews and opinions from previous guests. At this point, featuring visual and written content, which you update according to the season or events, might prove well for you.

Focusing on our tips, you can make it easier to attract visitors from overseas. Want to attract more guests to your hotel and increase your sales? Then enjoy HotelRunner’s support to move your property to the Internet quickly. All you need to do is to create your free HotelRunner account now.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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