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4 most common mistakes in e-mail marketing activities

E-mail marketing, which is among the most effective digital marketing methods you can use to increase your online travel agency’s recognition and sales, is also one of the channels that enable you to reach the target audience directly. Sharing your campaigns with your customers or visitors of your online agency via e-mail is not only an effective method, it is also practical and cost effective.  With e-mail marketing, you can inform users about your tours, hotel deals and facilities of payment, and thus increase your sales.

However, e-mail marketing might not achieve the expected goal unless certain rules are followed. This is generally due to a lack of a specific strategy before getting started with e-mail marketing.

As HotelRunner, we have compiled the most common mistakes in e-mail marketing.

   1. Repeating oneself

As an online agency, you can benefit from the developments and changes in the digital channels and contribute to your company’s marketing strategies. E-mail marketing might help you a lot in this. However, especially companies organizing e-mail campaigns for a long while might give the wrong message that they arrange these just for the sake of sending e-mails to users, and thus repeating themselves without even promising any innovation. In this case, companies that do not offer anything new apparently cannot reap the efficiency benefits they expect from digital marketing.

At this point, it is crucial to provide opportunities for users through e-mail and enrich your campaigns with outstanding images and content.

   2. Failing to update the mailing list

It might be positive for your sales if your e-mails access a lot of users. However, sending e-mails to users who delete them without even checking might cause your e-mails to be filtered as spam in the mid-term. And this might lead e-mail service providers to flag your company’s domain name and IP as a spammer address, thus prevent your e-mails from accessing the users who are interested.

To avoid this, you had better check your mailing list regularly and respond to users who want to unsubscribe from the e-bulletin positively. Another solution might be to ensure that your mailing list consists of people following you on social media and other digital channels.

   3. Lengthy content

If you use lengthy texts for your the introductory e-mails, it might be difficult for the reader to understand, while s/he might be distracted as well. At some point, this might also cause them to stop reading your e-mails or caring about e-mails sent by your company at all.

   4. Failing to analyze

E-mail marketing efforts are not all about sending e-mails to users. Following up whether targets are achieved and analyzing are integral parts of e-mail marketing. Therefore, you need to remember that e-mail marketing is conducted for a specific purpose and definitely analyze results of e-mail marketing.

Evaluating our tips, you can also increase both your brand recognition and income with e-mail marketing. HotelRunner helps you manage all sales and marketing channels of your agency. Create your free account now and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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