4 practical methods to prevent employee migration in the accommodation industry

Circulation, i.e. turnover, in your property might not be a good sign. Employee migration does not only cause waste of time and money, it can also damage the corporate culture.

You put effort into training employees you hire, help them adapt to their position and gain experience. Short-term employees constantly cause you to lose this value and the culture you want to build and works you carry out are left half-finished. What should you do in this case?

The source of problem can stem from a wide range of reasons such as working conditions, problems between employees or problems in superior-subordinate relations. You can get started by receiving feedbacks from your employees to determine and eliminate these in a short time. Preventing problems before they occur is among the most efficient HR strategies that can be applied.

You can also make use of some proven methods to prevent employee migration. Here are four of them.

Periodical training

In-house trainings not only help your employees work more consciously, they also help them internalize the property’s concept and corporate culture more easily. In-house trainings ensuring collaboration between employees should be repeated regularly as they are important for securing internal sustainability.

Accepting mistakes

If a deficiency in your property is due to the management rather than the employees, you should accept this honestly from the very beginning. According to research, the transparency and sincerity of management when accepting its mistakes creates a strong and responsible management image in the eye of employees. When employees are sure that they are working in a healthy environment, they are not willing to leave that organization most of the time.

Rewarding the effort

The way you behave towards the employees devoting themselves to their work and putting in extra effort to do their best can be your ace card to prevent unwanted circulation within your property. When an employee’s exemplary behavior is ignored, s/he might choose to adapt to the environment instead of putting in more efforts after a period of non-recognition. If this influences your corporate culture, it might cause your property to lose value. Therefore, it might be useful to create a performance  system for both your experienced and newly-recruited employees.

Peer system and mentorship

It is also critical to support your newly-recruited employees in the orientation process or in cases of a problem. You might consider building a peer or mentorship system where experienced employees act as a mentor to increase interaction and coordination within the team. This will not only shorten the learning period of the newly-recruited, but it can also help you receive healthier feedbacks in performance assessment.

The work culture in a property is one of the areas that affects employee motivation and customer satisfaction directly. Sufficient controls, performance assessment criteria and  a performance rewarding system can help you mitigate employee migration substantially.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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