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4 suggestions to help you create images by using data for your online agency

Images are one of the most significant tools to create contents that is more often shared and liked social media and other digital channels. Human brain is capable of perceiving visual information more easily than written content, which makes visual content more important. Studies also support this idea. According to a report published by Socialbackers studying on social media analysis, visual content shared on Facebook in 2013 brought 93 percent more interaction than others.

If you post more of visual content on your online agency and its blog, it might work very well for you. However, images should be original and in high definition as well as contain interesting information for visitors. Briefly-summarized numeric data will help you enhance reliability of your agency. Thanks to images you create through such data, your content will be followed and shared more on social media and other digital channels. How can you follow such data?

As HotelRunner, we have some suggestions related to some sources you can obtain data from.

     1. Your company information

Figures showing your online agency’s sales, number of customers and social media followers matter for your marketing reports or budget efforts. But there is even more. Did you know that you can use this data to impact your potential customers other than preparing reports? Preparing visual contents consisting of various data related to your company might work for you.

     2. Customer surveys

Surveys are among the primary sources that come in one’s mind when it comes to preparing visual contents with data. You may prepare diagrams, graphics, infographics or videos pertaining survey results for Internet user ideas on any subject. You may make use of various web tools for this. For instance, SurveyMonkey may help you deliver your surveys through various ways to Internet users free-of-charge or with low costs.

     3. Data about government agencies

The easiest way to access a reliable data source might be taking the advantage of reports published by governmental agencies and organizations for any subject you want to focus on. You may benefit from studies conducted by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Ministry of Tourism, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) and universities.

     4. Social media trends

If you use a tool for social media management, reports or results from Google Search Trends might help you learn which subjects bring more engagement simultaneously. It might be much more effective if you use trends you think will contribute to your agency’s blog or social media posts for your images.

You may also evaluate these suggestions, obtain different data sources and access more people on digital channels. With the professional support provided by HotelRunner, you can manage all your digital sales channels including social media platform in the most proper and efficient way. If you aim to gain new customers to your agency and make online sales, create your HotelRunner account immediately and start accepting bookings now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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