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4 tips for a successful e-mail marketing activity for your online agency

If you are preparing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your online agency, e-mail marketing is among the activities you should not overlook. While e-mail marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing channels, it remains effective. It accesses the target audience directly and is much more cost-effective than other marketing and advertising activities, and it brings a high return rate, thus preferred by companies.

Studies show that there are 3.9 billion e-mail accounts used actively in 2013. This figure is expected to reach 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. As the number of e-mail users increases, the customer potential of e-mail marketing as a digital channel goes up as well. How can you use this channel to enhance your agency’s recognition and sales?

1.     Use of call to action

It is critical for you to bring traffic to your agency’s website through e-mailing if you want to see how successful you are. Call to actions (CTA) are among the most effective tools you can use for your e-mail campaign to bring engagement. Your campaign can be more successful with a CTA button that has an impressive design or leads users to visit your agency’s website.

2.     Short text content

One should make sure that the e-mails with marketing content should be brief. E-mail users might actually receive tens of such e-mails every day. Even if a user scans all e-mails in his/her inbox, those with long content are actually not checked at all. It is important for your e-mail content to give the intended message even when just scanned. You can increase the effect of your e-mails by highlighting images and keeping the content short.

3.     Drawing attention and entertaining

Traveling might be an exciting and entertaining activity for most of the people. Even when it comes to business trips, people like it when they leave the office and spend a unique time. That’s why an agency can be argued to be one step ahead of others in terms of e-mail marketing. If you want to increase this effect, it might be good for your e-mails to have interesting and entertaining content.

4.     A design compatible with mobile viewing

Since mobile devices have a major part in our lives, it is necessary for all digital marketing activities to be mobile-compatible. Research shows that about 47 percent of e-mail users follow their e-mails through mobile devices. Therefore, it is critical to be compatible for mobile viewing to increase the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. The most significant points in this case are that the viewing should be suitable for the mobile device screen size and the CTAs should be sensitive to touch screen.

You may make use of these tips for an effective e-mail marketing activity. HotelRunner can help your agency increase sales with advanced online marketing features. Create your account now to survive in the accommodation industry with a robust and secure infrastructure.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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