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4 tips on more effective content marketing for your property

Content marketing is one of the most important digital marketing activities of the companies.  Being a crucial part of content marketing, blogs provide many advantages for businesses that want to communicate with their customers more sincerely as compared to communication through a website. Moreover, use of blogs becomes more a attractive option as blogs can be created at low cost or for free, no dedicated software is needed in general, no technical expertise is required, the content can be updated any time and blog followers can communicate their comments and ideas instantly.

If you prefer using a blog to support your property’s content marketing activities and benefit from your blog, which is an important digital marketing tool for property marketing more effectively, we have prepared some suggestions for you. Here are the things you should do to benefit more from your property’s blog.

1. Reducing sales-oriented content

You can direct traffic to your website and reinforce your brand image through the content you post on your blog. Furthermore, you can direct your potential customers to online booking through the content you create. However, if you share too many sale-oriented posts, you may have difficulty increasing the number of your followers. Readers usually follow blogs that feature useful content to them.  Therefore, covering useful subjects for readers might ensure that more people read and share your content.

2. Being sincere

Blogs are platforms in which you can share sincerely-written content and communicate one-to-one with readers through comments. Therefore, you should adopt a sincere language, rather than a formal one, in your dialogues with readers if you want to create an sincere conversation atmosphere.

Sometimes your customers can mention general complaints about your property as they enter comments to your blog.  In such cases, you had better not use an extremely formal language and respond to your customer in a manner showing that you own up to the issue.

3. Using attractive titles

Design of your blog, content subjects and images are quite crucial. However, titles of the contents you create matter as much as these features do. An attractive title is one of the most important features which lead internet users to decide to read the content they encounter. An attractive and interesting title that arouse curiosity can catch the reader attention easily. Curiosity-arousing titles like “5 countries you should really visit”, which are suitable for use of numbers, can make it easier to attract more readers.

4. Inspiring result sections

You can conclude your useful-information content with a result section that covers your recommendations and helpful hints. You can access your target audience and make more people visit your blog by making your property’s blog more active.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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