4 tips to increase the impact of your agency’s blog

Blog articles are pretty efficient in terms of creating a more effective interaction between your online travel agency (OTA) and customers as well as being listed in the top results in organic searches. If you have a blog for your OTA, you can stay in constant contact with your guests, thus you can build customer loyalty. Corporate blogs also make it easier to understand customer needs and expectations and manage complaints effectively.

Apart from being a customer relations platform, an OTA blog can also be used as a marketing channel.  You can direct your readers to online booking by using call-to-actions (CTA) effectively in your blog posts, in which you can cover local and industry news along with useful information. The keywords you will use in your blog posts are critical for search engine optimization (SEO).

What should you take into account to create a blog article effective both technically and in terms of content. Here are the tips we have collected for you as HotelRunner.

1. Being original and clear

Creating original articles is one of the key requirements to make your blog an effective marketing channel. The content you copy from other sources may create negative results for SEO. Search engines can detect the copied texts and prevent your blog from being listed in the top results of searches. Therefore, you need to pay attention to featuring original content on your blog.

Being clear is at least as important as being original. Using a plain language in your blogs makes it easier to have a close communication with customers. Such a relationship can be considered to be the first step to customer loyalty and can ensure that your articles are liked and shared on social networks.

2. Use of titles

Another significant factor affecting visitors’ decision as to whether or not they will read your blog post is how you use titles. Titles should encourage readers to read the post. Therefore, descriptive titles containing less words and providing an idea about the content can increase the effect of your blog posts. Studies show that question phrases like “How can you create an effective title?” or titles with numeric content like “5 methods to create an effective title” attract the readers more.

3. Using images

Images are one of the most effective methods to make your blog posts more interesting. It might sometimes be difficult, especially for mobile visitors, to read and absorb long texts. You can also use images in your articles to not lose visitors and diversify your content. Naming these images by deploying keywords is also among the effective SEO methods you can use to attract visitors to your blog.

4. Use of call-to-action

You can enhance your sales by using call-to-action elements in your blog articles and preparing introductory pages directing visitors to online booking. It might be useful to feature CTAs in different ways in your content. You can attract traffic to your OTA through interesting buttons, graphic elements and multimedia content like videos or links containing keywords.

Serving as a 24/7 available communication platform for your online agency, blogs are also one of the most effective content marketing channels. Companies supporting their efforts through publishing reveal how successfully they adapt themselves to digital era. This enhances the company’s image in the customers’s eyes.

You can both boost your brand awareness and increase your income through blog posts: HotelRunner helps you manage all the sales and marketing channels for your agency easily. Create your free-of-charge account now and start benefiting from the privileges of HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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