5 hints on the changing travel habits of your customers

Travelers do not travel merely to see and visit places anymore. With stories posted on social media, they want the concept of “vacation” to include experiences addressing both their spirit, perception and their social circles.

The tiresome work and city life create the need to turn vacations into unforgettable experiences, free from daily struggles, that restore and comfort one’s soul. That’s why planning more creative vacations is becoming a new habit.

As HotelRunner, we have prepared helpful information about travel habits that change in line with customer and industry trends.

1.Travel choices based on culinary taste

The number of travelers that want to know and experience the regional cuisine, as they discover new places is rapidly increasing. Standard meals they see everywhere have become ordinary for travelers who now look for new tastes and trace exotic cuisines. Those traveling to enrich their culinary taste prefer living this experience in a short time, on weekends or short vacations.  That’s why they make their accommodation choices by considering properties featuring local tastes. Many travel agencies organize “gourmet tours” to meet this demand.

Taking into account this trend of your guests, you may include these tastes in your hotel’s cuisine as well as share information on such tastes special to your hotel’s region, which will help you take one step ahead of your rivals.

2.New experiences

Travelers setting out to see different places look for a different atmosphere away from the city life, and prefer more exotic journeys. Compared to previous years, more families in Europe and US are now going on a Safari tour with their children. Many travel agencies prepare holiday packages with themes such as “Wild Life Tours with Your Children” to meet this demand. Families can prefer a holiday full of adventures and stay in accommodation properties with a local architectural style that can meet all luxury needs to the fullest.

You may also provide special services for adventurers and become a hotel that addresses travelers wanting to have an adventurous and unique holiday experience.

3.Health tourism is growing

Under the spotlights are also properties meeting the needs of individuals looking for alternative solutions in almost all healthcare issues, from stopping smoking to losing weight. Due to various reasons, there is a potential of people preferring “health tourism”. Hotels with weight loss camps, yoga centers, rehabilitation and SPA services are growing in number parallel to these demands. With these services, it will become easier for your hotel to be preferred by potential customers.

4.The standards of accommodation centers are changing

All properties engaged in the accommodation industry now aim to make their customers feel like at home instead of offering them a simple hotel room. Hotels expand and modernize the areas their guests use as a bedroom, they aim to present a comfortable environment to for them to spend their spare time. Properties offering services similar to living spaces at home may lead customers to plan a longer vacation.

5.Hobby traveling spots

In recent years, digital photography has become particularly popular, accommodation properties are preferred more often thanks to such tours. There are people who take tours just to take photos, participate in art groups, dive and observe birds. And their number is growing. You may benefit from this to gain new customers by providing services inclined to these trends and accommodating hobby groups.

These strategies we shared might help you update your property’s marketing strategy and follow the latest innovations. By using the HotelRunner platform, you can analyze your current and potential customers with the advanced analytic reporting service. Create your account now to move your property to the Internet and follow customer trends

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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