5 significant digital marketing blogs for hoteliers

A point of access for expert insights on all hotel management updates and latest technologies as well as perfect marketing systems, HotelRunner offers a great number of methods for your property to stand out.  You can also tap into foreign sources to follow successful authors so you can attract more customers to your property and catch up with the updates in the hotel management industry. Accessing the most useful foreign sources to follow, you can have a good grasp of the global tourism industry and get inspired by them to shape your marketing strategies. Which international digital marketing blogs keep the track of the industry?

If you also take hotel management seriously and want to keep up with the updates in the international realm, you can check out the prominent digital marketing blogs in the world. HotelRunner has compiled top 5 global digital marketing blogs for you.


HotelMarketing might seem to have to do only with the marketing aspect of tourism industry. But the thing is that it actually is one of the most consistent sources to address hotel management from a wide range of standpoints. You can access true success stories, information about online travel agencies and profitability-boosting reviews like marketing strategies in hotel management from HotelMarketing.


HospitalityNet is a hotel management blog providing a systematic and comprehensive local and international look into hotel management. If you want to get inspired for your property by addressing numerous fields in hotel management including branding, career, social media and many more, HospitalityNet is up your alley.


As a blog providing a wide range of information about travel technologies as well as updates on hotels, travel agencies, digital marketing and other marketing systems, Tnooz allows you to determine your interests and save the articles you like thanks to its social-media-supported login system. Utilizing Tnooz, you can have a good grasp of everything from the impact of global developments on the accommodation industry to the marketing strategies you can build on digital platforms.

4. E-Marketing Associates

Another marketing blog for hotels to get inspired from on digital platforms is E-Marketing Associates. It can help you access articles to think out of the box and support social media channels and promotional activities, while discovering innovations in the written and visual media and latest technologies.

5. HotelRunner Blog

Visit HotelRunner to access correct and latest updates on technology in the most rapid way to learn about digital marketing and hotel management on national and international platforms. Create your free account now to immediately take the advantage of services.  HotelRunner has achieved a great number of significant collaborations and projects with prominent travel agencies and hotels. With its blog, it offers various insights into hotel management, helping you stand out in the industry by tapping into the updates to achieve the best kind of hotel management in the online realm.  Wondering how to develop more effective marketing methods through your hotel’s website, online agencies and social media? Discover HotelRunner.

Build your website with HotelRunner to expand your hotel’s international client portfolio, keep increasing the number of your customers and boost profitability.   Claim your position in the fiercer competition across the industry.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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