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5 suggestions to boost your online agency’s digital marketing activities

Just like many other companies benefiting from the opportunities offered by digital marketing, OTAs can also access their target audience directly through the Internet and increase sales through online booking.

It is always possible to reach more potential customers and increase sales by enhancing digital marketing activities. What can you do to increase your online agency’s recognition across the digital realm and thus your sales? Here are 5 suggestions as to securing your presence on the digital platform and build a trust-based connection with your target audience.

1. Alternatives to low pricing method

Pricing is a key factor for online agencies, just like all businesses. When building a strategy on this factor, it is of course important to follow the industry. However, underselling and promoting low pricing may only damage your reliability.

As much as customers seek low prices in vacations, this may lead them to question your price/performance rate. In determining your pricing policy, you should take into account the fact that cheap vacations lead to the impression of problematic travel or accommodation. Therefore, being reasonable rather than cheap may be a better strategy.

2. Highlighting special holiday alternatives

Nobody would like to spoil their long-awaited vacation with low-quality accommodation at a hotel. Therefore, you can stand out amongst your competition if you can offer a special vacation experience for the customers who have preferred your online agency. For instance, if you organize outstanding cruises, offer themed-hotel opportunities that are not available in other online agencies or if your online agency has unique offers, you may benefit from highlighting these.

3. Being active on social media

Social media is a digital channel that enables you to reach your target audience easily. If you share content highlighting your online agency’s opportunities and advantages on social media platforms, you will achieve your digital marketing goals more easily.

On your social media posts, you may feature tour opportunities and accommodation options, create your own hashtags, organize albums and categories, and connect to your target audience. However, these accounts must be followed actively, and must be up-to-date. Out-of-date accounts might cause you to lose followers.

4. Blog posts

On social channels, you may share different types of content such as helpful information for during a stay, opportunities offered by the agency, and hotel categories, all of which customers would like to know about. This might be one of the best services online agencies can offer for their customers. Adding your blog next to the hotel and tour categories on your agency’s website and inserting redirections to your blog in each category can be helpful in terms of providing your customers with more information and alternative contents.

5. Bonding with your customers

Businesses keep existing as long as they have customers. Therefore, you can post various contents, or send your social media followers and visitors of your website the e-mails, stating that you grow larger with them and continue with your efforts to take brand new steps thanks to them. Such types of content prove how much you care about your customers and strengthen your bonding with them.

It is critical to perform successful digital marketing activities for OTAs aiming to provide the best service for their customers by benefiting from the potential of the Internet. You can also increase your online agency’s recognition and sales by making use of our tips above.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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