5 tips to reduce energy consumption in your hotel

Hotels are one of the businesses with the highest power consumption. This causes both a burden in costs and negative results in terms of consuming energy, which is a scarce source.  However, it is inevitable for hotels to consume, since they provide a wide range of facilities across a very large area. It is known that electricity makes up 60-70 percent of the total energy consumption in hotels. However, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and cuts costs without compromising on the service quality by taking some measures.

Paying attention to the guest rooms is particularly critical in terms of energy consumption. They make up 70 percent of the hotel area and it is quite likely that the energy consumption in these areas is much higher than other sections. Devices like air conditioners, safety deposit boxes, mini-bars, DVD players, satellite receivers, televisions, hairdryers and entrance systems require use of electricity in the guestrooms.  What can you do to reduce the energy consumption in hotels? As HotelRunner, we share with you 5 tips to save energy costs, which are among your most important cost items.

1. Devices on stand-by mode

Power consumption in devices on stand-by mode accounts for approximately 10 percent of the electricity costs.  Therefore, it is critical to use a key switch system that turns off the electricity in the room when guests are away.  Also, you can turn off, instead of setting to stand-by mode, the electrical devices such as TV, DVD player, satellite receiver, hairdryer and mini-bar in the room, which will help hotel businesses save a lot of energy.

2. Using low-power devices

Most of the outdated electrical devices may consume much more energy than those produced with modern technology. Therefore, energy consumption can be reduced when hotels prefer LED TVs and air conditions that consume less energy.  They may have a higher pricetag.  But, they will prove more economic for your businesses in the long term, considering the electricity to be consumed regularly.

3. Making use of solar energy for illumination

You would benefit from maximizing your benefit from solar energy, a natural way of illuminating, for the illumination of your property.  It might be also effective to use colored wall paint to reflect the sunlight more. Similarly, you can encourage your guests to use sunlight more effectively when you use light-colored, pastel and easy to use curtains.

4. Paying attention to corridor illumination

If sunlight is insufficient for illuminating corridors and more illumination is needed, you might consider illuminating them with a photocell system.  Also, preferring energy-saving light bulbs can help you consume less energy.

5. Heat saving

Hotels can reduce their energy consumption substantially by using solar energy for heating purposes. Therefore, it is important to apply the insulated coating to the building to reduce the consumption of energy used for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

You, too, can also curb the energy expenses in your property by making use of these suggestions. Through the HotelRunner blog, you can follow our articles on various subjects that can work for your business, just like this subject that is important both for cost saving and the environment.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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