7 suggestions to deal with inappropriate comments on social media

Social media provides internet users with an unlimited flexibility and freedom to share. At times, this freedom can have negative results as well as good ones. For instance, any social media user can comment negatively about your property, while they can also share posts and comments with threatening content that is inappropriate and unethical, which is called “blackmail”.

In such cases, it is critical to take practical and effective steps to avoid a permanent damage to your property. For instance, TripAdvisor has its own unique methods in place to inform businesses about such inappropriate comments. When users comment on a property with threatening and negative content, the said property is notified of this.

However, this might go beyond TripAdvisor, containing serious threats and insults. Do you know how should you manage such cases? Here are 7 tips as to what to do in such cases.

1. Focusing on the solution

Firstly, you can state that you are sorry for the situation causing the customer to comment negatively and ask how you can help. If the answer leads to a demand you cannot meet, you can tell them that it is beyond your authority, and communicate what you can do. If you take this communication action publicly, those that might be affected by the comment might take note of your solution-oriented approach.

2. Keeping it cool

It is critical to evaluate the comments professionally without taking them personally. Even when you think that the complainer is not eager to accept the solution, you should not give up on finding a solution.

3. Recoding the correspondence

It is a good idea to record all the correspondence by considering that the issue can take a more serious level. You might need your records to prove you are right.

4. Contacting the website administration

The complainer can drop his/her aggressive attitude in response to your professional approach and empathy. Keep in your mind, however, that you can contact the administration of website where this correspondence is taking place to remove his/her negative comment if s/he insists on the aggressive attitude.

5. Maintaining your respect in any case and across all platforms

The complainer insisting on his/her aggressive attitude can be easily provoked to comment negatively on social networks and other comment sites. Therefore, it is critical to stand on the respectful attitude and maintain it on different social networks.

6. Remaining silent can also be an option

Remaining silent against an inappropriate and disturbing comment can also be another option. Most of the users that know your property or read positive comments might not be that much affected by such deliberate online comments.

7. Evaluating the case

After resolving the issue, you can talk with your employees about what you can do to avoid experiencing such cases again. As a result, you can go on with your business by considering that you did your best.

The unlimited freedom provided by the internet can bring about negative results, from time to time. You can encounter negative comments about your property on social media and various comment sites. However, such comments may not easily damage your property’s image, considering the number of your potential guests you access through the internet as well as positive comment you have received. If you also want to carry your property to the internet and get started with online sales, create your HotelRunner account now and start earning today.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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