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7 tools that will facilitate management of your online agency on social media

You need to benefit from social media as much as possible to promote your online travel agency and enhance brand recognition. However, successful social media marketing requires more than creating an account across all social networks and posting content that will serve your agency business. You should create strategies based on the specific features of each social network and post accordingly. Then you should analyze the effect your posts create in the most accurate way.

At this point, you can benefit from a wide range of social media tools on different stages like creating content, planning, sharing and analyzing to facilitate the social media management process. As HotelRunner, we have compiled some examples from tools that will make your agency more effective on social media platforms.

1- Hootsuite

Hoosuite is among the most preferred and famous tools of social media management. A practical tool for social media management, Hootsuite allows you to assess and follow your posts across different social media platforms. It will make things easier for you in terms of timing and analysis of your posts.

2- Share As Image

As it is known, images are one of the most often posted contents on social media platforms. At this point, to enhance the quality of your images, you may add texts to your photos and make your visual content more interesting thanks to Share As Image.

3- Mention

Mention allows you to perform searches with keywords and find out the posts containing these keywords. Thanks to this tool, you can follow social network posts about your online agency.


Inforaphics has been one of the popular types of content recently. If you also want to make your social media posts more effective, you create infographics by deploying the data regarding your agency. At this point, may be your biggest support in creating infographics. Utilizing this tool, you can create colored and high quality graphics about your data.

5- will help you shorten our URLs, which is one of the most useful actions on the social media.  Storing all the shortened links, can categorize these URL’s in groups as well.

6- Buzzsumo

Thanks to Buzzsumo, it is now very easy to create content that will ensure engagement for your agency’s social media accounts or blog. This is because it provides you with the keywords and content about your subject matter. This way, it helps you determine interesting subjects for your target audience and create content accordingly.


IFTTT, which connects multiple social media accounts, help you save a lot of time. Thanks to this tool, the operations you select are performed in synchronization. For instance, when you change your Facebook profile photo through IFTTT, you may use it to change the one also on Twitter or you can deploy Google Drive to archive your tweets on Twitter.

Become a permanent online agency business and deliver more professional services by attaining success and benefitting expert opinions with HotelRunner.

By tapping into the tools we have shared above, your agency can become more active on social media. In addition to its support for social media, HotelRunner also helps you manage all sales and marketing channels of your online travel agency. Create your free account now and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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