8 powerful highlights of the new HotelRunner dashboard

Welcome to the HotelRunner’s new dashboard! We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new admin dashboard that not only reflects our commitment to your growth but also showcases the immense power of our cutting-edge technology with speed, customization, and the best user experience.

1- 8x faster: Benefit the speed of user experience

In the world of hospitality, time is of the essence. Recognizing the importance of a fast and efficient dashboard, we’ve made significant improvements boosting its speed by an impressive 8x. You can enjoy this speed from the moment you log in to HotelRunner. The best part? The user experience hasn’t undergone a drastic change; it has evolved and improved seamlessly, ensuring a smoother operation for our users.

2- Revamped menu structure: Effortless navigation at your fingertips

Say hello to the redesigned menu structure! Now featuring a collapsible left menu, navigating between pages has never been more effortless. Need more space? Simply collapse the menu and enjoy a clutter-free interface.

3- Enhanced visual experience: Icons, colors, and more

We’ve paid attention to every nuance. Hover over the menu to access the submenus instantly, complete with new icons that are both descriptive and easy on the eyes. The background colors have been optimized for higher contrast, ensuring better focus, improved accessibility, and a visually pleasing experience.

4- Instant search: Navigate with speed and precision

Accelerate your business operations by typing a keyword and instantly finding what you’re looking for. Efficiency is at your fingertips.

5- Advanced room calendar: Elevating booking management

Managing bookings has reached new heights with our advanced room calendar. Customize colors, choose between detailed or simplified views, and monitor booking details effortlessly, all on a user-friendly page designed to streamline your workflow.

6- Quick extras and room rack: Efficiency redefined

Adding extra services to bookings is now a breeze with the new appearance and upgraded functionality of the quick extras page. The enhanced room rack provides a sleek new look, allowing you to personalize your view and take quick action for each reservation. These subtle yet impactful changes are aimed at making your operations more efficient and intuitive.

7- Subtle improvements: Breadcrumbs, page headers, and more

Not all improvements are immediately apparent. We’ve introduced subtle changes like breadcrumbs for easy navigation, higher contrast colors for improved focus, and a unified experience with adaptable fonts, all designed to make your life easier.

8- Mobile-friendly and responsive design: Manage anywhere, anytime

For the ultimate convenience, our dashboard is now more mobile-friendly and responsive than ever before. Manage your operations from anywhere, at any time, ensuring that you are in control even when you are on the move.

Conclusion: A glimpse into the future of property management

This is only a preview of the next-level transformation our admin dashboard brings. It’s time to get ready for tomorrow, starting today. HotelRunner is the strategic partner in your journey to success. Elevate your experience with the all-new HotelRunner dashboard. Click here and sign up to take your business to the next level with HotelRunner’s new admin dashboard!

Fatih Tuncer

Content Manager @ HotelRunner

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