Accepting online bookings and mail order payments for your property is free-of-charge with HotelRunner

You have a wide range of options to make online sales for your property. Your website is one of the most significant online sales channels at your disposal. But do you have the capability to make direct sales through credit cards, featuring the online booking option on your website?

If you are using the HotelRunner platform, it is easy for you.  This is because your guests can book from your property easily and can even pay via credit card thanks to the secure online booking option provided by HotelRunner. Furthermore, properties using HotelRunner can benefit from these two features without paying any commission or fee!

If you have a website you designed before meeting HotelRunner and do not want to change it, you can still benefit from these features. This is how:

Direct online sales

You can add the booking button provided by HotelRunner to your website easily. This way, you will have the opportunity of making direct online sales immediately without having to change your website’s structure.

What’s more, your guests using the HotelRunner button do not have to leave your website to complete their transaction. Thanks to the Hotelrunner-powered feature enabling online reservations on your website, you will improve your direct sales and profitability easily, without paying commission to online agencies.

Do not loose your customers to other sites

Loosing your potential guests to the website of an online agency via the reservation button you added onto your web site that doesn’t belong to you, means lowering your profitability on your end and longer booking procedures on your guests’ end.

Therefore, the free-of-commission and free-of-charge booking button and the capability to accept credit cards, which are provided by HotelRunner for you, will not only increase your property’s profitability, but it will also help you maximize customer satisfaction.

You can also visit our page to see the peerless features of HotelRunner and start increasing your sales immediately by creating your account free of charge. You can call us on 0850 3219911  receive further information about this subject and benefit from all the advantages offered by HotelRunner  and also get support from our expert team.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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