An emerging trend: Environment-friendly, green hotels

Our age is witnessing increasing awareness of nature and green products. People reflect this awareness to their daily life. Now, there is a new trend that has an impact on accommodation industry as well.

Turning a hotel into “green” can be an advantageous investment on many terms. What are these advantages? First of all, a green approach is effective for reducing costs and increasing efficiency as well as for attracting an increasing number of customers who are environmentally conscious, which is important for facilities desiring to sustain their operations for longer terms.

An emphasis on this approach is critical not only for personal awareness, but also for using natural resources efficiently. Therefore, this issue should also be evaluated within the frame of social responsibility of the accommodation industry and other related industries.

You might at first think that changing the existing processes of your hotel to go “green” would bring with it significant investments which one can only enjoy slowly. However, it is possible to achieve its benefits gradually, initiate a green process with small steps and small scale investments. Which steps should be taken to catch up with this trend that is rapidly becoming popular among hotel guests? Let’s check them now.

Wasting less, recycling more

Average waste generation is higher in accommodation industry compared to the others. Green hotels aim to waste less and recycle more. Substances such as paper, plastics, glass and metals are among recyclable items. Make recycle bins available in every part of the hotel including rooms, restaurants, open areas, kitchen, offices, etc.

In addition, prefer having reusable materials instead of disposable substances that are actually more costly in the long term. For instance, you can use cloth napkins, cups made of glass or ceramics, ceramic plates for all food and drink services and rooms.

Also you can reduce the number of products that is usable only by one person. You can present soap, shampoo and shower gel in liquid forms making them usable by future customers rather than presenting them in packages.

Environment-friendly products

Be environment-friendly when choosing products such as sheets, hair and body care products and even those like coffee, tea and chocolate, in addition to the awareness you show for plastic and paper materials. You can find environment-friendly alternatives for almost any type of products in the market. Their cost might be a bit higher, but their profit margin is higher. Besides, environment-friendly guests would be glad to pay for the difference.

Water Saving

Changing the towels at hotels less frequently is another method that reduces costs and saves water and time. Some guests who do not want their towels to be changed and washed immediately might demand to reuse them. However, it is necessary to include such application as optional for satisfaction purposes.

Also, water saving should not be overlooked. Showers and toilets can flush less water, which does not only contribute to nature, but also help you reduce your regular costs.

Energy Saving

It is recommended to make use of LED illumination to reduce electricity consumption. LED illumination is a safe technology that is more durable and emits less carbon. You can prefer motion-sensitive sensors and time-adjusted usage for areas that are not frequently used, which will set you apart from your competitors.

In addition, you could make your hotel distinctive more than you can imagine when it comes to being environment-friendly and reducing costs if you turn the lights and air conditioners off in rooms and sections that are not used and raise the awareness of your staff in this issue. Replacing washing machines, dishwashers or fridges with their energy saving equivalents can also provide many benefits.

There is no doubt that guests would like it if you promote your environment-friendly, green hotel concept throughout your website and digital marketing activities. You can even raise the awareness in this issue with a special campaign you might include in your social media efforts.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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