April and May were full of events at HotelRunner!

We left two months behind with full of events where we came together with more than 2,500 tourism professionals, academics and students in 8 events that either we organized or sponsored.

We travelled Turkey as part of “Digital Transformation in Tourism and HotelRunner Training” event series.

We discussed the developments in the tourism industry and the innovations brought to it by digitalization at Akbank Tourism Meetings, where we came together with industry leaders.

Thanks to the events that brought the academy and the tourism industry together at the Eastern Mediterranean University and Iskenderun Technical University, we had the chance to meet with the young people who are the future of the industry.

We have enjoyed these past two months so much when we met with you, and discussed digital transformation in tourism.

We look forward to our upcoming events!

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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