Boost your sales with HotelRunner and PeakPoint Global!

PeakPoint Global was founded in Istanbul in 2019 with 35 years of experience in the tourism industry. One of the online B2B hotel providers catering the highest booking mobility in Turkey, PeakPoint Global received the “Europe’s Best B2B Hotel Provider” award in 2021 as part of the World Travel Tech Awards.

The world’s leading online B2B hotel distributors, hotel wholesalers, tour operators and sales agencies gain access to the Turkish market by integrating with PeakPoint Global. On the other hand, it helps properties increase their revenues by opening their inventory to this worldwide distribution network.

Regardless of offline or online, PeakPoint Global takes into account the revenue targets of the properties, and offers them customized sales solutions, thus enabling them to reach their maximum sales potential.

Click the button below to boost your sales by making a direct contract with PeakPoint Global via HotelRunner, and connecting for FREE!


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