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Many start to plan traveling for different kinds of reasons. Tourism branches have grown out of a wide range of areas including entertainment, sports, health, culture and many more. This growth was propelled by the establishment of properties and promotion of destinations to meet related needs. However, some destinations came overtly into vogue for reasons of similar preferences and investments and plans and, in time, became less attractive for customers. People now increasingly prefer boutique destinations since they believe the mainstream ones can no longer meet their recreational needs as they want to feel some peace and avoid hustle and bustle. Paying attention to this, HotelRunner focuses on designs with an emphasis on destinations when working on the hotel websites, following the rising trend of boutique destinations.

Tapping into the expertise of HotelRunner, You can also look for the alternatives to highlight in your hotel’s boutique destination and eliminate the perception that comes out in the case of popular holiday destinations. Let’s have a look into how you can utilize the boutique destination trend for your hotel’s website and turn it into a marketing strategy with HotelRunner.

Highlight the geographic and cultural attractions

Your property might be located in one of the popular holiday destinations. However, that location might also bring about advantages thanks to its distance with popular venues and more. You can create that perception of boutique destination by highlighting such elements as local dishes and handcraft works. Also, if there are recreational areas with geographic attractions around you, you can use texts and images to promote such regions on your site to increase the customer potential. HotelRunner offers the most effective design to integrate such content into your website so you can boost customer potential and have a website befitting the trend of boutique destination.

Benefit the impact of social media with HotelRunner

Social media channels are undoubtedly the best sources to reach out the opportunities for catching up with the boutique destination trend. Most of the interesting and engagement-boosting posts on social media are those with travel photos and videos. You can also focus on your social media channels and share images highlighting the boutique characteristics in your property’s location.  Your guests can also share their booking and purchasing actions on their social accounts by using the social promotion widget of HotelRunner’s promotion widget and complete their actions without leaving your site.

Take the advantage of travel blogs

As online promotion channels, travel blogs are no less interesting and engaging than social media channels. This is because they make it easier to discover boutique destinations. Based on true traveling stories, travel blogs serve as a reference for travelers and enhance the number of prospects for a certain destination. What else? By contacting the travel bloggers for endorsement purposes, you can provide them with accommodation in your property or invite them to one of your events. This way, you can ask them to mention your property’s feature on their blogs. As for the social media accounts, you can share the photos and videos taken in your region so you can draw attention to the boutique destination where you property is located at.

Discover the privileges offered by HotelRunner for the latest developments and updates in the tourism industry. Sign up for HotelRunner and create your free-of-charge demo account now to catch up with all the trends like boutique destination trend, attract more visitors to your hotel’s website and increase our online sales.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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