Comfort and security have the priority in next-gen hotel technologies

Magnetic room keys, which were not common a decade ago, have become almost a standard now. It is also almost impossible to find a three-star or a higher class hotel without a LCD-display TV. If you do not provide hotel-wide free Internet access, you will receive lots of negative reviews on the web. Offering comfort-related technologies and boasting is not ‘something to fulfill expectations’ anymore; instead, it has become a ‘must’. We can undoubtedly say that technology is one of the areas in which competitive accommodation properties invest the most.

Heat- and motion-sensing illumination systems, TV-connected central ‘pay to watch’ cinema services, televisions mounted on the mirrors in halls and restrooms, and security mechanisms with alarms that go off when detecting more people in the room than the defined number of room residents, are just but a few examples of technologies becoming popular in luxurious hotels today.

Here are some outstanding applications of the latest hotel technologies…Comfort and security have the priority in next-gen hotel technologies

Biometric key

We are now used to the magnetic cards that function as room keys. On the other hand, luxurious hotels today prefer RFID, NFC, iPhone technologies and even iris detection technology. The goal of such features is to completely eliminate the problems arising from guests losing their keys.

Guest sensors

Motion and heat sensors can be used for many different purposes. These sensors make it possible to adjust illumination systems and air conditioners automatically when entering and leaving the room, inform the cleaners if the room is occupied. They even allow hotels serving the healthcare industry to monitor data showing the pulse and body temperature of a guest. In addition, these systems help you take necessary measures if there are more people in a room than expected or if there is a security violation as a result of an unexpected motion when guests are not in their room. Briefly, application areas of guest sensors are infinite.

Super fast Internet

Yes, almost every hotel has Internet access today, each differing in terms of the features, practicality and pricing though. When it comes to distinguished hotels that care about technology, Internet access is available in any corner of the hotel with at least 100 Mbps speed in general. Well, that is what the guests demand as well.

Film and entertainment consoles

It is now more common to see systems on which you can play free games installed and ‘pay to watch’ films hosted on a central server, or even systems that provide both of these options at the same time.

Media center

Deploying a central system, some hotels connect electronic devices such as telephones, tablets and PCs with the systems in the room through wireless connection and Internet. This allows guests to do use their room’s systems via their smartphones remotely, such as adjusting the room temperature, purchasing a movie to watch or ordering  room service.

Screen mirrors

Although not widespread in hotel applications, screen mirror technology is available. Some luxurious chain hotels enable tenders to change the panel TVs in the rooms, while evaluating alternatives such as screens integrated into giant wall mirrors or mirrors in restrooms. Some even install TVs onto hot tubs.

Smart windows

Hotels have started to deploy smart windows both as part of exterior windows and walls dividing the bathroom and bedroom within a room. Depending on the time of day and day light, these windows are not only opened and closed automatically, but they can also be adjusted manually. Furthermore, it is possible for guests to glaze or dim the glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom depending on the person accompanying them.

Of course there are other ways of using technology and technological devices in hotels. Among them include mood-adaptive music stream, those giving iPhone’s to use as keys, those deploying giant screen iMacs, those equipping the room with Bang&Olufsen surround sound system. In conclusion, providing Internet access service alone is not enough to provide a competitive edge in regards to technology.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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