Creating a unique boutique hotel concept in 5 steps

Used particularly by boutique hotel owners and managers in recent years, the term “concept hotel” is generally associated only with utilizing the aesthetic features of hotels. Well, being categorized as a concept hotels requires making a difference in many aspects. Referred to as concept hotels, boutique hotels are properties that comprise a wide range of elements besides their unique design that enables them to be renown as a powerful brand.

Each day guests are becoming more interested in properties with a story and a unique feature, and these properties managed with a different, warm and intimate approach receive higher and higher demand as the time goes on. Contrary to 200-room properties offering every opportunity to their guests, boutique hotels provide a home-like environment for a handful of guests. Boutique hotels are the first preference of guests who are fed up with the chaos of metropolises and long for a peaceful holiday, so they are a great source of income for their owners.

How can a unique boutique hotel concept be created? Here are suggestions for you to create a boutique hotel concept in 5 steps.

1. Create a harmony between different features

Becoming a decent boutique hotel requires harmony among the features of a property. Scenery, history, design, the building and location are the most significant of such features. One should create a special structure combining all these features to have a genuinely different concept. This different and harmonized structure can highlight your uniqueness.

2. Determine the needs correctly

If you can understand exactly why customers prefer a boutique hotel, you can easily create a concept that meets their expectations. Which of these does your target audience want more? More activities? Or a different experience connected to the digital world like the Twitter or Instagram hotels?

3. Classify guests correctly

Classifying guests ­according to their jobs and purpose of travel has become almost an obsolete method. Instead, it can prove more effective to classify your guests according to their needs. For instance, you can classify your guests based on those needing a business centre and those preferring dinner in their room you can both create and enhance the perception of customized service in your hotel.

4. Social interaction should be of priority

Common areas should be supporting social interaction to attain customer satisfaction. Areas prepared based on the characteristics of guests, special days and different cultures can increase social interaction. Restaurants, elevators and lobbies are among the areas where this interaction takes place.

5. The importance of story telling

The story of your brand can be among the most effective tools you can use to emphasize the uniqueness of your products and services. Creating a brand story requires setting future goals when giving information about the past. Properties that highlight their brand image, communication style and uniqueness with their story can easily create the perception of a conceptual style.

6. Revenue calculation

Just like other businesses do, boutique hotels should also make their plans based on the scale of their property vs revenue to maximize their income as much as possible. For a viable income & expense planning, you should factor into your planning the number of external guests your hotel’s restaurant and gym can serve as well as the revenue of your gift shop. You should note that striking a balance between your revenue and customer satisfaction is one of the keys to success.

By offering different experiences and services in all aspects, boutique hotels can change the equation in the accommodation industry. Each day, the demand for boutique hotels is increasing among guests who prefer tailored services rather than 5-star hotels and want to have a different accommodation experience. In line with this increasing demand, you can also introduce your property to your target audience in the digital world and increase your income with your quality service. HotelRunner is always there for you if you want to create your website and access your potential guests through online booking.  Create your HotelRunner account for free now and start earning with online sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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