Crucial security tips from FBI for properties

Ensuring excellent security for the guests in properties requires a great responsibility and diligence. Proper fulfillment of this responsibility starts with knowing how to act in suspicious situations.

Have you ever thought that someone staying in your property and ‘acting suspiciously’ can be dangerous?   Do you know what to do when you notice that there is something suspicious?

Fortunately, in a joint study by U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), crucial information was provided with regards to “hotel security”.

Here are the crucial tips for properties that we have compiled from the joint study of FBI and BJA.

The cases you should report to police

1. Unusually salient materials in trash cans of the rooms or trash dumpsters of the property:

Credit cards or forged documents
Fuel or fuel cans
Fertilizer or farm products
Chemicals or chemical cans
Arms, ammunition or explosives

2. Cars parked in desolate areas

3. Unusual smells or fluid leaking from the guest’s room

4. Burnt stains, change of colors on the doors or walls.

5. Unusual amount of traffic

Be suspicious of people who:

Are concealing or changing their appearance in a unidentifiable way
Have refused to receive cleaning service for a long time
Have never left their room for a long time
Enter and exit using doors not visible from the lobby
Exit their rooms by leaving their clothes and personal belongings
Leave all of their belongings in the room for a few days and come back
Request specific room assignments or locations
 Insist on more baggage than you may accept
Want pay high amounts by cash or another one’s credit card
Were subject to an extraordinary investigation by the government, soldier or police etc.
Have stolen official car, uniform, id or access cards

What to do

You had better be careful about people and activities outside the property.
You have report to the relevant authorities if something is wrong
It is important to strive to be part of the solution
You can report suspicious cars left within your property premises to the police
Taking note of suspicious person, circumstances and cars may be helpful

It is great important for properties to pay attention to “exercise of legal rights” and “conduct of investigations within the remits of law”. Also, there might be completely innocent explanations for behaviors and circumstances seeming suspicious.  Therefore, you should avoid making decisions based solely on one indicator, and evaluate all suspicious behavior indicators as a whole with other related conditions before applying to ‘law enforcement’. You should be careful, especially about not falling into the mistake of suspecting people just because their actions, belief, appearance and lifestyle are different.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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