Discover why HotelRunner is the most necessary technology platform in 6 steps!

While the COVID-19 pandemic affects the entire world, each industry continues to take measures and seek various ways to manage the situation in the most effective way. Everyone’s first instinct during this period is, of course, to lower costs. At this point, HotelRunner comes into play.

Discover why HotelRunner is the most necessary technology platform for your property in 6 steps:

Integrations: Increase and manage your bookings by integrating online travel agencies, meta search platforms, vacation rentals, property management systems, and payment infrastructures.
Digital Inventory System: When you receive a booking, your inventory will automatically decrease on all channels. Thus, you avoid problems such as overbooking.
Real Time Updates: Updates made through your admin panel are instantly reflected to all sales channels and platforms you are integrated. So, you save time and energy.
Direct Sales Channel: With our free website and booking engine, you can improve your digital presence, and increase sales.
Reporting and Real-time Data: You can manage your property with the numbers, and real-time data provided by the central reporting system.
Low Budget: You can find the management tools and the digital integrations you need, thanks to the budget-friendly subscription plans suitable for your income and the size of your property, starting from free.

HotelRunner offers everything you need and more, to enable you to receive forward looking bookings, manage booking cancellations, get into different markets and expand your sales channels.

Sign up to HotelRunner by clicking the button below to have all the products and services your property needs with the most suitable payment model!


Andrew Gogus

Community Manager

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