Do you need a loyalty program for your facility?

Which factors have an impact on the decision of a guest when he/she chooses a hotel? The answer to this question only is enough to occupy the whole page. Then let’s list only those that first cross our minds as follows: location, prices, features; and comments, photos and videos on the internet…

All these (and even more) have an impact on hotel preferences of guests. How and why does a guest choose a property more than once? This question triggers only one answer in the first place: the guest’s satisfaction with his/her previous experience. However, we tend to overlook one factor which might be even more critical: A loyalty program that is designed properly.

Do you also need a loyalty program for your property?Do you need a loyalty program for your facility?

What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is basically a way of rewarding your loyal guests. Guests gain points when they stay in your property or when they pay for various products or services provided by you. Then they can use these points for discounts, gifts and even for free accommodation in your property.

What can I gain from a loyalty program?

The purpose of loyalty programs is to help you ensure your previous guests choose your complex again after their first experience. Gaining a guest for the first time generally costs more than accommodating them for multiple times. Additionally, guests who have previously stayed at your property spend more during their repetitive stays.

Loyalty programs help you receive reservations with higher cost-efficiency and profitability. Discounts, gifts or free accommodation services you may provide for your guests as part of your loyalty program are more cost-efficient in terms of expenses.

Who has a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is not something new for the accommodation industry. It has been used especially by the majority of large and chain hotels and is suitable for any property with any scale and concept. Among the hotels that implement loyalty programs effectively include InterContinental, Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott. Each have a loyalty program that includes 10 to 50 million registered guests.

Do loyalty programs prove to work for hotels?

Loyalty programs have been in use not only in the accommodation industry, but also in many other industries including the retail industry in particular. Furthermore, it would not be surprising if at least half of those reading this article are part of a loyalty program belonging to one or more brands or shops.

The accommodation industry is well suitable for implementing loyalty programs. According to research, such programs have a great impact on guests when they choose their accommodation, and 70 per cent of guests that have participated in a loyalty program of a certain hotel, prefer staying at that property again.

Therefore, you better launch and maintain your own loyalty program for your property. HotelRunner supports you for anything you need to create a website for your hotel and achieve direct online sales. Create your HotelRunner account now and make an impact!

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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