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Effect of photographs and some tips for marketing your property

The fastest and best way to introduce yourself and hotel is sharing photographs, especially with the guests that have not visited your hotel yet. Either on the website of your property, social media accounts or on your brochures, these photos could even affect your sales, or thus, they require much consideration.

If you’re working with a professional photographer, it’s easier for you to work things out. A photographer, who probably has worked for hotels, could present your hotel from the most proper angles, helping you to boast the best parts of your property and convey your message the best way. However, even if it is the case, it might be helpful for you to engage in this process and have some general tips about proper photo shoots for your property.

On the other hand, if you’re running a small property and don’t have the opportunity to work with a professional photographer, here are some tips for you…

First of all, the primary goal of photographs in accommodation industry is increased sales by showing distinctive features of your property. Whatever their concepts are, hotels must tell their own stories to the guests through photographs. When your potential guests see these photographs, they would like to see not only the colors of the walls or shape of the pool, but also how pleasurable their time could be in the hotel.  A photographer, accordingly, should offer guests a memorable experience through these pictures.

Taking into consideration the tips below would be quite helpful while shooting photographs of the property.

Be prepared

Plan from the very beginning which parts of the property would be photographed, what time of the day could deliver the best results and what you need during shoots. Rooms, restaurant, lobby, pool… Determine which one would be photographed first and which details should be in the shoots. You could also decorate the spots especially for the shooting, and add nice details such as arrangements.

Determine distinctive features of each spot

Each location in a property probably has a distinctive feature or an advantage. For a hotel mostly focused on businesspeople, highlighting comfortable work environments and technical equipment might be useful. However, for a hotel mostly focused on holidays, you could prefer highlighting the coast or distinctive features of the pool. For your rooms, determine whether the comfortable beds, view or furniture would be more impressive for your target group, before arranging the composition of your photographs.

Try to shoot photos you can use for a long time

Instead of shooting photos that are only meaningful for specific seasons, try as much as possible to shoot photos you can use generally applicable to all your marketing activities. If your hotel is also open in the winter, using photographs zooming on guests with summer clothes by the pool would limit the effect of these photos. Similarly, note that you may not use a hotel photograph with the New Year’s theme throughout the year for all your marketing activities.

Shoot photos that are not only nice but also attention-grabbing

Of course, visually nice photographs would help you. However, just a simple search on the Internet would make it clear to you that almost every property has such nice photos. You need to rely on your creativity in order to distinguish the photographs of your property and try to create attractive photos. Majority of attractive photos are not necessarily those which have been planned beforehand. Improvised photos are more likely to serve this purpose. And what makes them attractive is people as the focal point of these photographs. Create an environment for your photographer, after shooting photographs you have planned together, where s/he can work independently and make sure that the people around act naturally, having forgotten about the shoots. Do not forget that such photos could be the ones the Internet users will notice the most and share with the others.

The photographs you’d have by taking into consideration these tips could act as a marketing material and a tool which would even directly affect your sales. And of course, you need to share these photos with your potential guests. Do not forget that you can trust HotelRunner which is ready to help you on many issues from websites to social media management. Do not waste more time and visit this address to increase your sales with HotelRunner.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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