Essential points of consideration in hotel renovations

Tourism is among the most rapidly developing industries with ever-changing dynamics.  Industry trends and customer habits change every day as the technology and service industry develop. This in turn requires properties to renovate themselves constantly to meet changing guest demands and needs.

The priority consideration in renovations might be the physical conditions of the hotel. Naturally, the equipment and areas in your hotel gradually wear and tear with usage. Just like everything else, hotel items also have a life span and it is not surprising when your hotel ages and needs renovation after serving for years.

That the items in your property still work up and running doesn’t mean that you don’t need to replace them. The appearance of hotel items also matter for your guests, in addition to their availability. Where to get started with this renovation? What kind of changes can you implement to better respond to your guests’ needs?

Here are some tips to consider as you renovate your hotel.

Guest satisfaction

It is generally accepted that ensuring guest satisfaction is one of the core goals in service industry. To achieve it, you need to take your customers’ demands into account. You can figure out their demands and suggestions through digital media and satisfaction forms. Before renovating your hotel, take into account the points highlighted in these feedbacks.


Before implementing the renovations in your hotel, you should first build a team tasked with deciding on what to renovate in your hotel. If you act together with this team, you can identify what is missing more easily. At this stage, you should check all fixtures and items in your property one by one and create a list of malfunctions.

Attention to the layout of rooms

One of the biggest problems in hotels is noise-related issues. For instance, baby noise coming from the other room might interrupt others’ sleep or situations preventing middle aged- and older people from having rest, which might pose a problem both for customers and the staff members. Therefore, you need to tailor the structure, order and design of rooms that will eliminate such complaints. It is critical to use sound-insulated materials in the room structures. If you also have similar problems in your property, you can also perform insulation works in the renovation period.

Performing all necessary renovations

You shouldn’t take the easy way out when renovating your hotel, and should allocate the necessary budget and time for all renovations needed. Note that design, comfort and quality are primary characteristics that distinguish a property from others, especially in the tourism industry.

So, you may well want to be steps ahead of your competitors with your renovations. You can reap the results of these activities in the form of happy customers and more bookings. Therefore, adopting quality is a priority renovation principle without cutting corner is critical.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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