Expand your digital marketing perspective with metasearch

Metasearch engines give the chance to compare rates of properties on online travel agencies and direct sales channels on a single platform to the guests. Some of the major metasearch platforms globally are Google Hotel Ads, Kayak, TripAdvisor, HotelsCombined and Trivago. When a user who wants to plan his or her trip, make a search based on a property or location, the metasearch engine provides user-specific information, detailed property information, guest reviews, real-time rate comparison and available dates on a single screen. Thus, the user can decide by evaluating all the alternatives.

Considering how effective metasearch platforms are in today’s travel planning and decision-making, adding metasearch to your property’s digital marketing strategy becomes inevitable. If you use metasearch platforms effectively, you can direct traffic from online travel agencies to your direct sales channel and own the booking process.

When you compare metasearch engines with online travel agencies, you can observe similar influences on the travel industry. Both enhance the purchasing experience and give properties a chance to receive more bookings by reaching out to a wider audience. Where they separate from each other is that they have completely different working models.

Online travel agencies promote your property by providing your potential guests with information, photos, rates and availability information about your property. Users can book directly through the websites of online travel agencies. You can reach a much wider audience than your property’s website, thanks to their large marketing budgets. On the other hand, a metasearch engine combines, not just yours, but information of all the properties’ listed online. The inventory comes from your property’s website and all rates displayed on online travel agencies are displayed comparatively.

Although the majority of bookings are made through online travel agencies, metasearch platforms provide properties with an opportunity not to be missed. It is very important that you have a strong online presence on a platform where multiple properties in one location are displayed. By keeping your website information up-to-date, and asking your guests who chose your property previously to leave a comment, you can climb up to the top of the metasearch engines and influence your potential guests’ decision of booking. Furthermore, if you offer more attractive rates by eliminating the commissions of online travel agencies, you can encourage your guests to book directly from your website. Keep in mind that the more up-to-date information you offer, the more guests you can attract to your property.

Your potential guests start planning their travels primarily on the metasearch engines. Therefore, besides having a presence on your direct sales channel and online travel agencies, it is very important that you have an active and effective presence on the metasearch platforms as well. With a complete inventory, suitable metasearch platforms and the right connectivity partner, you can not only increase your sales, but also take your property to the next level.

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Kadir Yaz

Digital Marketing Manager

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