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Featured posts of the previous month on the HotelRunner Blog

The award-winning HotelRunner platform is beckoning the accommodation industry to strengthen and bolster its presence in the digital realm. You can introduce your property to a larger number of people on the Internet, make direct online sales and increase its profitability with the opportunities provided by the HotelRunner platform.

While doing so, you can benefit from the articles posted regularly on the HotelRunner blog, where we cover detailed information about the digital realm and the tips that will help maximize your efficiency in marketing and sales.

If you could not follow the HotelRunner platform regularly last month, you might have missed some articles that could actually be very helpful for you. Here are the previous month’s featured and not-to-miss posts on the HotelRunner blog.

Is your hotel ready for Valentine’s Day?

3 critical details that affect the booking decisions of guests

What you need to know about your property’s mobile-compatible website

Can social media become an effective marketing channel for luxury hotels, as well?

The digital heart of the accommodation industry: Online travel agencies

6 crucial social media strategies for the accommodation industry

How to build customer loyalty in the accommodation industry

How to build guest loyalty in the digital era

Finding the most effective social network to promote your property

What are the criteria of men and women as they make hotel booking decisions?

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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