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Providing a peerless platform for you to introduce your property to the entire world through the Internet and make direct room sales in the easiest way possible, HotelRunner also offers a comprehensive data bank by featuring the most significant innovations and basic information regarding the industry on its blog.

In the previous month, we featured clues regarding the use of social media for hotels, content marketing and building customer loyalty as well as various interesting articles on the future of the accommodation industry.

If there are articles you missed in the last months, here are the most popular articles of the previous month that we gathered for you…

What lies in the future of the accommodation industry?

The impact of social media on the hotel industry

How do online travel agencies make profits?

The benefits of a mobile-compatible website for your property

Take the advantage of images for the online promotion of your agency

Building customer loyalty for your online agency

The world’s 10 best hotels according to TripAdvisor

Potential guests’ 3 expectations when visiting your website

Methods to receive more “backlinks” for your online agency’s website

How to increase online bookings through content marketing

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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