Google Free Booking Links are available on HotelRunner!

Good news! As an official worldwide Google Hotel Ads Commission Program partner, HotelRunner supports Google’s new free booking links functionality as well, and you are one click away to start! 

When you subscribe and connect to Google Hotel Ads via HotelRunner, your free booking links will be automatically displayed and you’ll be all set. We’ve already taken care of everything for you to ensure a seamless experience!

Google has recently announced that it is making it free to appear on Hotels booking links. With the new free booking links, Google allows hotels to display their rates and availability across Google and Google Maps. With this new feature, Google will be displaying hotels in the same principle of a standard Google search. Paid ads of a hotel will be displayed at the top while free booking links will be on the bottom to give travelers more comprehensive options.

Thanks to Google Hotel Ads subscription on HotelRunner, you can showcase your property with both paid ads and free links on Google, and increase your property’s visibility to reach a wider audience. You only pay a commission if a traveler books a room through a paid link. Bookings coming through the new free bookings links will be reported on your dashboard separately and they will always be free!

Click the button below now to start your integration and get direct bookings from Google (both free and paid) or reply to this email to have more information!


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