Hosting a celebrity in your hotel

Hotel managers plan many details beforehand so that their guests feel comfortable and at peace like at home. All details from the design of rooms and hotel are evaluated and checked again and again while considering customer satisfaction. You might also have to host unexpected guests that are not within your target audience. Are your quality and service standards suitable for celebrities like artists, journalists or politicians who might want to stay in your property?

Celebrities are among the guest groups that travel most often. You better be ready for celebrities that might choose your property during or out of the season for business or holiday purposes.

If you are preparing to host a celebrity in your property, you can make use of the tips we will give as HotelRunner.

Flexing the rules

It might not be possible to apply strict check-in and check-out rules for celebrities who are always on the move. Therefore, you should be careful when accepting bookings from the previous and future guests of a room. It might be fairly inappropriate to respond to a famous politician about to attend a meeting followed by media or a celebrity with a great fanbase with a sentence like “you should empty your room immediately so that the next guest can check-in.”

Regarding the food and beverage offers, you should be prepared for the special wishes of your celebrity guests. You should also be ready for the celebrities’ own guests. It might be a good idea to have staff members on duty in the kitchen at night for celebrities working and resting in different hours.

Being prepared for a crowded group

We know that celebrities generally travel in crowded groups: Many politicians travel with a large bodyguard group and assistants, while artists and musicians travel with their private wardrobes and sometimes with a bunch of stylists. Therefore, you need to determine the number of necessary rooms and extra needs beforehand. If possible, you should keep an extra room empty for emergency, which can help you host celebrities in your property seamlessly. Also, the number of vehicles belonging to this group can be more than expected. It would be good to have precautions against possible parking problems.

Minding privacy

Publicly-renowned people, especially politicians, might want to keep where they stay private. You should warn your staff members for being reticent and not disclosing anything about the guests to media and their friends. Furthermore, you should do your best to turn this practice into a corporate culture, which will have positive effects on your property. By sticking to professionalism in privacy, you can enable your celebrity guests to stay in your property securely.

Being in contact with assistants

When it comes to accommodation and travel plans, generally the assistants plan things for celebrities. However, they might not be able to deal with every single detail due to their busy program. Staying in contact with assistants before and throughout their stay not only prevents a potential inconvenience, it also helps you receive a good rating from your famous guest.

Accommodating a celebrity in your hotel might require you to take some precautions and bend some principles about your services to the extent that it will not damage your business. You can also host your famous guests by taking our suggestions into consideration. As HotelRunner, we aim to provide you with a property and daily rental management and digital marketing platform and helpful information on our blog to increase your sales. You can increase your efficiency in the digital world, sales and marketing by following the HotelRunner blog regularly. You can create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now if you want to increase your bookings by carrying your property to the Internet.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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