Hotel marketing tips and ideas for the holiday season

In the tourism industry, there are periods that prove to offer more advantages than others in terms of customer potential for hotels. These periods mostly coincide with special days and festive holidays. To attract more customers and enhance their profitability, hotels experiment with a wide range of methods as special days and festive holidays come along. One of the most efficient marketing methods for properties is promotional efforts on hotels’ websites to increase the number of visitors to hotel websites.

HotelRunner offers a brand new dimension to promotional efforts to increase the number of website visitors, thanks to its promotion widget, which allows you to manage such efforts in the most effective way. Utilizing the promotion widget, many hotel websites have bolstered their profitability and customer potential. You can also see how this signature HotelRunner technology proves to serve in the best way for marketing methods. Why don’t we take a look at this promotion widget and see how your website can benefit from it.

Increase the number of bookings on your website

It is critical for hotels to enhance engagement on their website. This is because that’s the way for them to boost customer potential by accessing abundant and proper information about properties and feature highest-quality visual content with a website. Promotion widget offers the most proper methods to draw attention to hotels’ websites.

Adaptable to your website with the expertise of HotelRunner, promotion widget enhances the engagement on your website with special deals and coupon codes to lead potential customers to book directly through your hotel’s website. Valid for a certain period of time, coupon codes and special deals evoke a feeling of taking urgent action, thus leading them to perform their booking action in the shortest time.

Power your sales with coupon codes and special deals

As festive holidays and special days increase accommodation demands, properties can increase their accommodation and service rates. Therefore, many of those planning to travel for a holiday prefer properties that provide alternative offers.

At this point, you can also benefit from the expertise of HotelRunner, provide coupon codes and special deals with the promotion widget, which you can integrate into your hotel’s website, and power your sales. Turn special days and festive holidays into advantage with your promotion widget.

Draw attention to your social media channels

Just like on all the industries, social media has an indisputably huge impact on the tourism industry as well. Tell your customers that you can offer them special deals if they post their booking actions performed through your website on social media. This way, you can bolster your bonding with customers and draw more attention to your social media accounts. When posted especially during the special days and festive holidays, such details prove to be quite effective in increasing your sales by drawing the attention of a good number of people.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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