Hotelbeds and HotelRunner further extend partnership

    • Hotel partners of HotelRunner benefit from access to Hotelbeds’ +60,000 high-value travel trade buyers, including retail travel agents, airlines, points redemption schemes, and tour operators.
    • Over 40,000 hotels and hostels from HotelRunner’s inventory are available to Hotelbeds’ travel trade clients.
    • HotelRunner’s accommodation partners will benefit from access to non-domestic, high-value bookings when the long-haul market recovers.

Hotelbeds, the world’s leading bedbank, has today announced the extension of its partnership with HotelRunner, a sales channel management platform and B2B network for OTAs and hotels.Building on over six years of working together, HotelRunner’s over 40,000 hotel and hostel partners from all over the world have access to Hotelbeds’ 60,000 travel trade buyers – including tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, and points redemption schemes in over 185 source markets.Once the long-haul travel industry recovers, Hotelbeds’ travel trade buyers will offer the accommodation partners of HotelRunner incremental reservations from non-domestic markets. Such bookings typically come from high-value guests that, on average, book earlier, cancel less, stay for longer, and spend twice as much on a destination. HotelRunner will continue to assist Hotelbeds to access significant additional hotel partners globally, with wider coverage in the United States, Africa, LATAM, and South East Asia.

Paul Anthony, Digital Commercialisation Director at Hotelbeds, said: “As part of this extended partnership with HotelRunner, there is a very strong opportunity for Hotelbeds not only to acquire new hotels, especially in the long tail space but also to grow the inventory managed through those hotels by maximizing rate-mix, competitiveness & availability.We are working hard together to build shared capabilities and help identify, process and convert opportunities, through automated processes, self-service solutions, and use of data – and are jointly positioned well for when the recovery in international travel starts.” 

Arden Agopyan, Founder & Managing Partner at HotelRunner, added: “Our six-year-long and continuously growing relationship has been very productive, and we are now ready to take this to a more strategic level.

When the recovery in international travel occurs, our 40,000+ accommodation partners from all over the world will want to capitalize on that by accessing hard-to-reach bookings from all channels including the offline channels such as tour operators, travel agents, airlines, and points redemption schemes – of which Hotelbeds has over 60,000 such partners around the world.” 

Through its powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools, HotelRunner gives all properties, regardless of size, access to the best hospitality management technology. This means hoteliers and hosts can grow reservations and automate their workflows with confidence and ease.

The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey, and has properties in 193 countries ranging from daily short-term rentals to bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and enterprise hotels and chains. 

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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