HotelRunner explains destination branding and why it is important

Hotels use a large array of strategies to develop digital branding and bolster brand recognition. Social media platforms, travel blogs and other similar alternatives are critical for enhancing the number of online prospects and achieve a continuous growth in your customer portfolio. It is not only the property itself, however, that has a role in the preferences of a customer. Destination also has a share in there. Giving a focus on that, HotelRunner  supports hotel websites in their pursuit of destination branding activities on digital marketing systems.

Destination branding activities are tailored for each property thanks to the profitability- and prospect-enhancing built-in systems powered by HotelRunner’s expert team.  What do you know about destination branding? HotelRunner had a look into brand destination and reviewed how important it is.

What is destination branding?

If you wish to beat the drum for attractive routes and increase the customer potential in your destination, you need a proper management of destination branding when it comes to the tourism industry.  Destination marketing entails highlighting the historical, cultural and geographic attractions or other similar splendors in your destination and featuring posts with images and descriptions of such attractions on your hotel’s website or social media accounts.

How to foster destination branding with the support of HotelRunner?

Branding of a destination triggers the accommodation needs in the region where a property is located in, evoking a feeling of taking last-minute actions to experience such a travel. Potential customers are tempted to visit that destination as soon as possible to discover its attractions and nature. At this point, you can consult HotelRunner to tap into its expertise in destination branding as well as boost your profitability and number of potential customers.

Within the scope of the destination branding efforts to perform with HotelRunner on your hotel’s website, an emphasis is given to the possible attractions in your destination and quality images like photos and videos thereof are highlighted accordingly. Such images are mobile-compatible, so they can be viewed without any hassle on a platform on your website where visitors can access easily.

You can take the advantage of privileges offered by HotelRunner to manage destination branding and rise to the peak in the markets. HotelRunner wishes to provide you with professional support in adapting to all the industry-wide digital marketing updates and integrating the latest technologies into your hotel’s website. Create your free-of-charge demo account now and keep up with the digital innovations in your industry with HotelRunner.


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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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