Sell more rooms with HotelRunner and Hoo partnership!

Founded in 2019, Hoo is a London-based hotel booking platform. According to Hoo, big booking platforms have been controlling the market and dictating which hotels should rank higher in the search results, as well as the price shown for a room and charging you huge commissions for this. In order to create real competition between hotels and help them earn more, Hoo developed a new system.

With Hoo, travelers can choose to make an offer to the hotel instead of paying the price. The hotel operators and the potential customers can negotiate a price. Thus, hotels may attract new travelers who would not have stayed in their hotel before. Guests can also resell their non-refundable rooms to a new customer, avoiding no-shows. With this platform, Hoo aims to create a fair and transparent booking process that everyone wins.

With HotelRunner and Hoo partnership, you can earn more by helping your potential guests to get the best price and eventually spend more.

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Hoo only charges a 5% commission without variable rates on all bookings.

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