HotelRunner launches ‘Insights’ to help hospitality businesses harness the power of intelligence

The leading sales, operations, and distribution management platform HotelRunner introduces 'Insights' at WTM London, a cloud-native business intelligence (BI) platform, offering ready-to-use and fully customizable pixel-perfect dashboards, data warehouse models, and visualizations.

HotelRunner’s efforts in building data-driven products and services to maximize the revenues and profits of its partners have gained great momentum in the ever-changing and challenging environment of the travel and hospitality industry, urging technologies to adapt. Leading the way in this trend globally, HotelRunner has taken a major step toward evolving to more data-driven products.

HotelRunner Insights, the new generation BI platform for the hospitality industry, is developed in response to solving a technology challenge and requirement in the industry – to interpret and understand the existing data without the need for coding or a developer. Whether a hotelier with no background in data analysis or an expert analyst, the product’s sophisticated details will satisfy the needs and expectations of people with various qualifications. Processing more than 35 million transactions a day and having processed billions of dollars worth of transactions to date, HotelRunner feeds from its own immense data, and thanks to Insights, enables interactive and self-service BI for every end-user.

The new platform allows properties to:

  • Securely connect to and visualize petabytes of data, and allow end-users to get answers to their business questions quickly,
  • Harness their data to the fullest seamlessly and make smarter business decisions using early warning indicators,
  • Go beyond viewing a chart and discover valuable insights from it, 
  • Monitor all their operations from a single dashboard reducing the operational overhead since the product is fully integrated with the HotelRunner platform, from channel manager to PMS, 
  • Be proactive for the first time ever.

“Our experience in the industry and our partners’ valuable feedback have significantly contributed while we are forming the vision of HotelRunner and the hospitality ecosystem that we have been building for over a decade. As part of this vision, Insights marks a new era for HotelRunner as it is evolving to a more adaptive and data-driven product, democratizing advanced technology for everyone,” says Ali Beklen, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner

“Knowledge is power, but making sense of it is far more important. Insights offers a glimpse into our new product strategy. With this new approach, we are not only aiming to contribute to our properties’ success but also changing the perspective of the entire travel and hospitality industry. We are promising properties to be proactive and to stay ahead of the competition.” adds Arden Agopyan, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner.

Developed with deep industry expertise, the latest and most powerful addition to the HotelRunner platform feeds on a big data warehouse model, and through pixel-perfect dashboards, triggers a network of signals that informs a hospitality business at the right time to take action. This model will unlock the potential of other products to be developed while the company ushers properties into the age of intelligence of the travel and hospitality industry.

HotelRunner Insights is in beta with a gradual rollout with priority for existing HotelRunner PMS users. Click here for detailed information and to sign up for the beta version.

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