HotelRunner’s suggestion in tourism marketing: Travel blogs


Social media channels have a huge impact on digital marketing strategies. However, hotel management offers another alternative to social media: travel blogs. Travel blogs are taken seriously by potential travelers as they contain real traveling experiences authored by real people. This way, they become one of the most significant platforms to increase potential customer for hotels. As a mediator with technological infrastructure and systems tailored for digital marketing of hotels, HotelRunner suggests that travel blogs are quite effective in online promotions and enhancing brand recognition.

If you also want to boost your brand recognition and increase your customer potential by tapping into true holiday stories, you can benefit from the travel blogs thanks to HotelRunner’s expertise. Here are HotelRunner’s suggestions on travel blogs…

Enter into online promotional agreements with travel bloggers

A list of travel bloggers boasts a large number of followers on their both blog and social media account. Especially the photos from the destinations and properties they visited prove to be influential for followers when they post them on photo-sharing sites. Therefore, if you are looking for online solutions to boost customer potential, why don’t you contact travel bloggers and invite them to your property to share their experiences?

The most effective promotion for your property’s special service or innovations might actually be performed by travel bloggers. You can communicate all the features you want to highlight about your property to your potential customers thanks to the travel articles or photos featured by travel bloggers.

Travel Blogs can vitalize your social media accounts

Websites are not the only platform where travel blogs are featured. Travel bloggers build their large group of followers not only through websites, but also through social media platforms. Therefore, social media accounts draw attention as much as blogs do. Tapping into the social media posts by travel bloggers, you may ask them to mention your hotel’s social media accounts and use your tags. This way, they will build engagement on your social media accounts and help you increase the number of your followers and prospects.

Redirect your followers to your site embellished by HotelRunner

For each traveling experience they read, the followers of travel bloggers click on the links redirecting to attractive destinations and properties; therefore, they are directly redirected to relevant sites. Then you should add link to the words mentioned by travel bloggers and affiliate followers on your site. This way, you can increase the number of bookings performed directly on your website.

You can also take advantage of the expertise of HotelRunner and reach out more people. HotelRunner not only adds to the digital marketing achievements of your property, it also brings you success on social media and other online platforms. Create your free-of-charge demo account now to benefit from the privileges offered by HotelRunner and be part of the fiercer competition across the tourism industry. Integrate the latest technologies in the industry with your website before it is too late.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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