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How can online travel agencies benefit more from customer surveys?

For online travel agencies (OTA), it is critical to drive more traffic to their website.  OTAs need to reach larger groups of people to increase their website traffic and engagement rate. At this point, it is critical for OTAs to cover needs and expectations of their target audience. Customer surveys are among the most helpful sources of information for travel agencies to determine these expectations and needs.

Surveys generally consist of which services customers expect from OTAs, suggestions on the use of website and criticism regarding the content. Post-sales satisfaction or complaint feedbacks may also be included in these surveys. Taking into account such feedbacks and surveys, the OTAs take actions and perform necessary optimizations, thus show they care about customer reviews. This can help OTAs to reap positive results in terms of customer satisfaction.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction is a significant step to increase sales for OTAs, just like all other companies. But what should one consider when creating a survey within the context of customer-oriented changes? How can you benefit more from survey results? Here are answers to these questions…

Creating interesting surveys

Your customers might be taking a survey just to share some information with you, without considering the content of your surveys. To turn this around and lead customers to take the survey seriously, you may create some campaigns. For instance, you may reward one of every 10 people taking your survey or tell them that if they take the survey and share images of their experiences about your brand you will use them on your website. This way, your surveys will become more fun, while you will develop a connection with your customers.

Mutual communication through surveys

In one section of the survey, you may ask them to share their vacation experience and travel memories as a short comment through your travel agency. Also, you can create a substantial source of images for your agency’s website by using the images they are ok with sharing. Using images based on real experiences on a website might be a strong reference for your potential customers. This way, your surveys will become more than a boring form where they rate aspects of your agency.

Publishing the survey results

The survey results might not only share your sales and marketing strategies, they can also become an attractive source of content for your website. By publishing survey results, you can highlight your strengths and demonstrate that you care about customer reviews by sharing content tailored for the things you have improved.

Thank you messages

The reformations you develop by taking customer demands and suggestions into account mean that you have taken significant steps towards gaining their loyalty. At this point, it might be useful to send a thank you message to your customers taking your survey and sharing their ideas with you. Therefore, you may use the e-mail details of your customers to send thank you messages to state that you want to drive your business forward with their involvement, apart from using them for e-mail marketing or sending surveys.

Based on our tips, you may tap into customer surveys in different ways for your agency. To yield more effective and permanent achievements in the online realm, you may receive support from expert teams of HotelRunner and take a step ahead of your rivals. Create your free account now and start benefiting from the privileges of HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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