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How can you increase your agency blog’s traffic with entertaining content?

Content marketing is one of the digital methods you may use to promote your online agency to a larger audience. Especially if you have a blog for your online agency, posting compelling articles on this medium might prove a bigger help than anticipate in your efforts to access your target audience.

In our era, online users appear to spend most of their time consuming entertaining contents. Studies also show that entertaining contents affect readers more, and blogs with such contents are followed by more people.

How can you take the advantage of entertaining contents to increase your online agency’s sales?

Avoiding a didactic language

You will benefit from avoiding a didactic language in your blog contents. Instead, prepare your informative contents with an advisory and even entertaining rhetoric. Internet users might find contents with didactic language boring and be reluctant to follow them. However, considering the popularity of entertaining content, many blogs intend to use a language that makes one “think” when entertaining.

Being realistic

When creating entertaining content, one should also avoid giving out inaccurate information while focused on humor aspect of the content.  No matter how sincere and humorous your content is, keep in mind that your main goal is to gain new customers to your online agency. Therefore, you had better prefer using a humorous language and providing accurate information about the topic.

Creating target audience-tailored content

When preparing entertaining contents, you should also consider your target audience. Classifying your target audience into groups of age, gender, education and income level will help you look into the topics that attract their attention and entertain them, and create your contents about such topics.

Building empathy

Putting yourself into the shoes of an Internet user, which also means empathizing with your readers, may help you in your efforts to create entertaining contents.  You may think on which type of contents would be fun for you: an ironic rhetoric, wit-filled posts, contents connecting the dots between various subjects with surprising twists… To cheer your readers up and gain them as customers, you have plenty of methods. By empathizing or testing all the options in your mind, you can find which type of content is more effective.

Providing benefit

One of the most challenging aspects of accessing a target group through entertaining content is to focus on providing benefit while entertaining readers. While a merely funny contents may entertain them, it may not help you gain the reader as a new customer, which will stand in contrast with one of the key goals of contents marketing: increasing your potential customers by providing benefit to your readers. Therefore, you should keep in mind to build such entertaining contents on the principle of providing benefit.

Your blog is the most effective contents marketing channel of your online travel agency (OTA). You can also create entertaining contents and increase number of your blog followers by tapping into these tips we have shared. You can easily manage all your OTA’s sales and marketing channels with HotelRunner. Create a free-of-charge account immediately and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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