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How can you learn guest opinions about your hotel?

Your guests’ vacation experiences during their stay at your hotel are a reflection of your hotel’s achievement in customer satisfaction. If you learn about these experiences, they will help you determine which of your aspects you should improve to provide a better service for your customers and take appropriate steps for your business.

When your guests share their comments on your hotel on travel-related blogs, your hotel’s website and various social media channels, they are read and considered by people planning to prefer your hotel and visiting your website. Hotels receiving a large number of comments and positive customer reviews are generally preferred more by potential customers. Therefore, you had better encourage them to comment on your hotel and services.

Boosting the trust in a business, comments about a hotel prove that your hotel is visited by a large number of people, is worth staying at and you have adopted a quality service approach as you promoted on your website. Real vacation experiences are critical for your potential customers in that sense.

How can you lead your customers to let others know about you on online or offline channels? Here are a bunch of suggestions that might work for you in this.

Online interviews

You may ask your guests to share their opinions with you in online interviews. Your “real-time messaging” section on your website or social media platforms might help you with this. E-mail lists you create by taking the advantage of forms completed by your guests when they arrive in your hotel can also benefit you to send your survey and similar forms to your customers.

To receive opinion during their stay

You may give your guests surveys to complete during their stay. You may ask them to allocate just 10-15 minutes to complete them. To enable them to take the survey seriously, you may reward those taking the survey with a free-of-charge skin care or foot massage as a gift in your hotel.

Sharing images

Guest content, which is a golden opportunity for your hotel to create visual data, might also be a great method to receive opinions about your property. For instance, you may ask your guests to share images of the most entertaining/romantic/peaceful moments they experienced during their stay in your hotel, which will allow you to learn how great/cozy/comfortable/interesting their vacation has been. Also the images sent might be considered as documents showing that they respond to the survey positively. To encourage customers to post such things, you may organize various contests on social media. This way, you can increase the number of your followers on social media.

Taking the advantage of hashtags

You may publish a hashtag describing your hotel through your followers on social media. You may ask your guests to create short stories by using this hashtag to express their positive or negative opinions about your hotel or experiences during their stay. Such efforts might serve to receive opinions of customers. Also, these posts will help you have a more active presence on social media.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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