How can you make use of cloud computing at your property?

Cloud computing, which has made a dramatic progress in recent years, gives rise to radical changes almost in all industries including accommodation industry. Many businesses from different industries do not only increase their efficiency by benefiting from the advantages of cloud computing, but also manage to reduce their costs while doing so.

We have already touched upon the importance that cloud computing bears for the accommodation industry. This time we will be focusing on yet another aspect of cloud computing that we think is even more helpful for you: how to use cloud computing at hotels.

Here are hotel management areas where cloud computing is used…

Website management

Today, it does not work alone for hotels to only have a website. It is necessary for you to be able to use and manage your website properly. Cloud computing is the most practical way to meet rapidly changing needs in the industry and make instant changes on your website. Cloud computing makes it possible to change the prices instantly, announce new features as soon as they are put into practice or publish your campaigns within seconds on a website once it is on the cloud and is accessed via a private management panel.

Customer relations management

We are sure you keep the records related to your guests, which makes it possible for you to get to know them better, keep their experience at its best and satisfaction at the highest. It is once again cloud computing through which you can access records of your guests anywhere and at any moment.

Managing sales channels

It is important for you to perform your sales through multiple channels so that you keep your occupancy rates at the highest. When it comes to multiple channels, it is necessary to manage all of them, although sales channel diversity is pretty useful. Thanks to cloud computing, you can manage all your online sales channels from one single center and effortlessly increase your sales by strengthening your presence on them.


We have touched upon the importance of mobile devices in our post about hotel marketing trends. In our age, one does not have the luxury to ignore mobile devices while planning digital marketing activities, especially in accommodation industry. However, you might be concerned that conducting your marketing and sales activities on more than one platform would bring the burden of costs and labor. Another benefit of cloud computing, however, is its low-cost advantage for you to work on more than one platform.


One of the most important details about digital marketing and online sales is that it is possible to report almost anything. Cloud computing provides you with the opportunity to create reports on all the details, from visitor statistics of your website to online reservation, and follow them easily.

Cloud computing is important for accommodation industry and it will be so increasingly. What we introduced above are just a few among a host of advantages offered by cloud computing. If you need expert opinion about how to use cloud computing for your property, we would be happy to support you as HotelRunner. Please call us at 0 850 321 99 11 or contact us through the contact form on our website if you would like to learn from our experts how to make use of cloud computing for your property.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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